I ordered just 1m of this lovely pink Cotton Jersey Fabric (without a project in mind) so I spent some time scratching my head thinking what to make.
I’m currently trying to be really focused on making things that I will wear, garments that work well together and styles that can be worn easily everyday.
With that in mind I decided on the Compagnie M Julia Sweater Pattern.
This pattern has lots of different options but I went with the simple top version (remember that I only had 1m of fabric) which consists of a bodice front, back, neck band and arm and waist cuffs.
I laid out the pattern pieces on the fabric, but I found that I didn’t quite have enough, but I was determined to make it work! (You’ve all been there, right?)
I shortened the bodice by about 1.5” and decided to make the cuffs out of a contrast cuffing that I had in my stash, I then just about had enough fabric, yay told you that I’d make it work!
Back to the fabric, I have used this premium jersey range a couple of times before (in different colours) so I knew that it was great quality and super easy to work with (both cutting and sewing) and I also knew that it washes well as my other garments have been washed lots and lots. 
The only issue that I had was entirely my fault, I stored the fabric in my stash cupboard folded, with other fabric piled on top of it, and it now has a crease down the centre that just doesn’t want to go, it is relaxing more and more as I wear and wash the top, but please learn from my mistake and hang the fabric up so that you don’t end up with stubborn creases.
The fabric is so comfortable against the skin and it isn’t at all itchy or sweaty.
I sewed it up on the overlocker, I find that stretch garments are so much quicker to make when I’ve stitched them on the overlocker, but of course this isn’t at all essential so if you don’t have one it will sew up fine using a standard machine and a stretch or zigzag stitch, just remember that many knit patterns have a smaller seam allowance (like this one does).
I love the shape of the sleeves, I think that it makes the top a little more interesting, but it’s still a super versatile top that works well with lots of different outfits and different seasons of the year, let me show you a few...
Here it is worn with jeans
Here it is worn with a Tilly and the Buttons Cleo
And here it is worn with a Helen’s Closet York
The length turned out fine even with reducing it, it sits just on the waistline of my favourite Ginger jeans.
I’m certain that I will get lots of wear out of this top and will definitely make a few more in different colours, I’m even thinking about colour blocking on the different versions of the pattern, but this time I will ensure that I buy enough fabric.
There’s not much else to tell you about this project other than sometimes simple is best.
Happy sewing and I can’t wait to share my September make with you next month!