As much as we don't want to see the end of the Summer, there's no way we can deny that Autumn is here and it is time to think about layering up and getting cosy.
A perfect Sewing Pattern for this is Simplicity 8089. It's an easy bat-wing top suitable for knits, and until I came to make it up I didn't realise how many options there are with this pattern to make your perfect Autumn top! 
I chose to make view A which is the long length body and has long sleeves. You also have the option to choose a shorter body length with an elasticated waist, shorter sleeves, sleeves with slits, or a layered stretch lace version with a built in tank!
I decided to use a brushed texture loose knit stretch Jersey Dress Fabric, as I absolutely fell in love with the soft brushed texture and thought it would give me that perfect slouchy cosy feel that I was looking for. Minerva just have a few metres left of this fabric now so by the time you read this it might have sold out. A similar alternative would be this Brushed Jersey Fabric which comes in a few colours, or if you are looking for a more stable fabric you could select from Minerva's huge range of beautiful stretch jersey fabrics.
Of course, whilst the loose knit has this wonderful almost 'hand knitted' appearance, this brings with it a certain amount of sewing challenges. More about that later! I was concerned about the fabric fraying so before I pre-washed it I overlocked the raw edges. I was thrilled with how it came out of the machine, as it had held it's shape nicely, still had that fluffy texture and dried in a flash!
I used a rotary cutter and self-healing mat and pattern weights to cut it out. This is such a great way when using knit fabrics to avoid any stretching or slipping and gives you the most accurate cutting. It is super straightforward to cut out, only 4 pattern pieces are needed and as result you are ready to sew before you know it!
Transferring pattern markings to the fabric is a little different when using a loose knit. I usually cut little snips where the pattern notches are marked but as these would be 'lost' in the knit I stitched a couple of tight stitches at each notch marking that would not slip out of place when I was handling the garment. Not sure if this is the best or correct way to do this but it worked for me!
I used both my regular sewing machine and my overlocker for this project. For the construction of the side seams and the sleeve seams I used the overlocker, and used my regular machine for the neckline, sleeve hems and the bottom hem. There is no reason why you couldn't use a regular sewing machine for the whole project if you don't have an overlocker. I also used Clover Wonder Clips to hold my fabric together whilst sewing as regular pins would have just slipped out.
I liked how the sleeve has a horizontal seam 3/4 of the way down. This is where the the short sleeve version finishes but instead of having a separate long sleeve pattern piece, you just add on a little sleeve band to give you the longer length. This way you get the appearance of a 'dropped sleeve' which I think is very pretty.
Now for the tricky bit! The neckline. This design has a thin neckband which is attached to the neck opening by slightly stretching the fabric to ease it into place as you sew. Unfortunately the loose knit nature of this fabric did not like being stretched and it really wasn't an option to do this on this occasion. I therefore changed my plan a little and simply rolled my neckline under and stitched a double hem. 
The result of this gives the neckline a slightly wider finish, but I like the off the shoulder look as shown in this Simplicity image here.
This is a lovely easy pattern to make. A great way to try out sewing with knits if you are new to it, or a quick and easy make for a more experienced sewist.  I would definitely opt for a lovely stretch jersey next time I make it, as a more stable fabric like this would allow me to ease in that neckband nicely and give me a slightly different look.
So there you have it! A perfect lightweight top to take you through these chilly Autumn weeks. I'm off now to make a hot chocolate and turn the heating up a notch.  Thank you so very much to Minerva for providing such pretty supplies as always, and I will see you next month.
Keep warm, and happy sewing!
Kathy x