Hi everyone, it's Kathy here again and I hope you're going to love this dress as much as I do. 
This month I have chosen the McCalls Sewing Pattern M7561. It is a nice easy pattern designed for the beginner, as well as being a quick and rewarding project for a more experienced sewist. As you can see it's a simple knit dress with a fitted bodice and gathered skirt. Very similar to the Colette Moneta dress, but has lots more options to choose from. 
My reason for picking this dress pattern using navy and white striped fabric is that I once owned a dress just like this and over the years it has pretty much fallen to bits, so I am trying to replace it with something as close as I can to the original dress.
Suggested fabrics for this dress are two-way stretch knits, and I chose a beautiful jacquard stripe stretch Jersey Knit Dress Fabric in a navy blue and white stripe. I'm hoping some of the close up pictures will pick up on the slightly raised texture surface detail on the fabric, it's really unusual and pretty. Also can you see that the stripes are actually tiny diamond shapes in a row? So cute.
There are several different options to choose from with this pattern to make your perfect dress. Four different sleeve lengths are available - short, long, 3/4 and sleeveless. The bodice front can be a high or rounded neckline. The bodice back has three options - high, medium or low cut, and you can choose your skirt length to be regular or maxi. Pop some pockets on the bodice too if you wish!
Because I wanted a Winter appropriate dress I chose to make a version which had a higher neckline on the front and back bodice,  and long sleeves. I also wanted to make it in the regular length.
The pattern asks for some of the dress pieces to be cut out on the fold of the fabric. When I am working with stripes however, to make sure that they are completely horizontal, I cut the pieces out on single thickness of fabric. I can also plan my stripe pattern matching much better when I do this. I think they worked out pretty good.
It's a lovely quick dress to make. The joy of working with jersey is no darts, no fastenings and no fabric fraying. Such a joy! 
The Elastic is inserted through a channel that you make in the waist seam allowance. Cut the elastic to the length of your waist (allowing a little extra for your overlap when you sew it together after threading), and thread it through the waist seam channel using one of these handy Elastic Glides which I have included in my materials list. As always when working with knit fabrics I used ball point pins and machine needles so as not to damage the fibres of the fabric.
I did find that the long sleeves were very long, and had to shorten them by approx 4cm. They were still fairly long even after this adjustment, and I will probably take off another couple of centimetres next time I make it.
I'm so happy with the finished result of the dress. It's exactly like the dress that I once owned and was trying to recreate, and I am looking forward to getting a great deal of wear out of it this Winter and for many more to come.
Finally I remembered to add a little name label to the back inside neckline of the dress. I always forget to do this, but it adds a really neat finishing touch to any handmade garment if you do remember!
Thank you again to all the team at Minerva for the beautiful supplies. I hope you give this pattern a go, I think a comfy jersey dress this Winter is an essential and think this could be the perfect pattern.
I am already looking forward to my next project which will be up here on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network here at the beginning of December. Not to give too much away, but think 'party season'...
Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you here again soon.
Take care, and happy sewing,
Kathy x