Sewing lingerie can be as tricky as exciting: first, you’ve got to find a dozen of essential supplies, then you can’t do any fittings or adjustments before you completely finish it. But the desire to sew a beautiful bra with natural fabrics can be much bigger than any obstacles, that’s why I finally made my first one.
I've wanted to sew my own bra for a while. It’s easy to find beautiful designs in RTW, but it’s not very likely to spot one made entirely of natural fabrics. That was the biggest reason why I decided to sew a bra out of Cotton Jersey and Silk Fabric. It took me a while to gather some courage to start a project that seemed like quite a challenging one. After quite serious research I decided to start with a Watson bra by Cloth Habit. It features a simple wireless design that is perfect for beginners for a couple of reasons, including the fact that you need fewer supplies for it. It’s also almost foolproof thanks to the cups stretchiness.
Once the pattern was picked, I got to the most time-consuming part of bra making: picking and gathering all the supplies. It’s hard to believe that a single tiny piece of underwear requires 3-4 different elastics and a couple of fabrics that you normally wouldn’t have in your stash. It’s important to remember that even if you think you’ve got it all right… you might need to purchase some extra supplies. I already had some hooks and eyes in my stash, but I spent quite a long time picking my other supplies. And I still nearly ordered the wrong size of the rings and sliders for my straps elastic (always check how wide they are!). Luckily I spotted it early enough. I was also planning on using the wide picot elastic for the entire bra, but it ended up being much too wide for the underarm and cup area. I used it for the hem which worked perfectly. The rest of the bra is finished with some fold over elastic (I used about 1,5 m or less). I lined the bridge with Silk Organza Fabric and I couldn't be happier with my choice. This particular one is very stable and firm and it works beautifully for the purpose. And the fact that it’s a natural and breathable material makes it even more amazing and completely worth every penny. As for the general lining, I used it too. It’s not a must for this particular bra, but I firmly believe that the inside should be as pretty and neat as the outside. Extra bonus - it’ll prevent your cotton jersey from stretching out and losing shape.
The main fabric I picked is a gorgeous mauve Jersey Fabric. It has fantastic quality and I’m absolutely in love with the delicacy of the color. It’s a great choice for lingerie. Cotton jersey might look a bit casual or even sporty but this pastel shade adds a lot of femininity.
Just like I mentioned before, the most time-consuming part of bra making is picking your supplies. Once that’s done, it’s a breeze. My Watson bra was a very quick and easy make. I had no problems sewing it and integrating my own extras in the process. I used a ballpoint needle and pins, and they worked well for the fabric and all of my elastics.
And as for one of the main questions - the fit… I absolutely love it. It’s not a bra that will give you a head-turning cleavage that will fit perfectly into a deep V-neck dress. It’s not a push-up one, but it’s also not a completely lounge-style bra that is worn just for the sake of it. It does give support and it feels very comfy. Being a B-cup girl I might be blessed with not much weight to hold, but I did see quite a lot of completely zero-support bralettes in popular RTW shops.  
I enjoyed the process of creating my bra so much I can’t wait to sew my next bra. With the selection of cotton jersey and most of the supplies on Minerva Crafts I know I can fill my wardrobe with comfortable and pretty lingerie.