Hello Minerva makers,

I hope you all are safe and healthy during this difficult situation that we are facing, I don’t know about you but I have not felt much like crafting and at first I had completely lost my desire to make anything, it took me some time to first start knitting a bit and only the last few weeks I started sewing again and started making my project for this month’s post.

For this month, I’ve made a two-piece outfit, both are very easy but interesting designs and both are patterns from Burdastyle Magazines.

The first one is pattern 117 from the 10/2016 issue and I chose to make it with this great pleather fabric that consists of 50% polyurethane and 50% viscose. This is the first time that I used any sort of pleather so I can’t really compare it to anything else, I can just say that it is very soft, easy to handle and to sew, I really liked the fact that I was able to unpick the zipper at some point and the fabric was not destroyed, I’m saying this because while I was reading online on how to sew with pleather what was mentioned everywhere is that you can’t unpick seams as the holes created from the needle remains obvious, in this case after unpicking the zipper there were some tiny holes but not really visible and now I don’t even see them anymore, at least that was my experience with this fabric and I’m happy with that as I had to unpick seams a couple of times.

Now about the dress, I made size 42 which is the bigger size of this pattern, it goes from 34 – 42, I’m a bust 102 and this fits me nice around the bust, I usually make size 44 but now I realize that I should start and make 42 instead. I did a few things different from the pattern, first I wanted to line it and I used the pattern pieces for that, secondly the dress has front pockets, I love having pockets in my clothes but considering the fact that I was using pleather I was thinking that it will probably add more bulk in the front and so I decided to omit the pockets. The other change I made was to add some pleats on the straps, I wanted to make the complete strap pleated but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric, I had ordered only 1 meter as my intention was to make a straight skirt but as always by the time I started sewing I changed my mind and wanted to make this pinafore dress instead. To make it work I only added 5 pleats in the front and 5 in the back and I used almost every scrap of fabric to make them.

The dress has a zipper closer in the back, I had a zipper with Swarovski like teeth in my stash for years now  and I thought it will suit this dress to add some bling, so I inserted this beautiful zipper instead of an invisible one, I think it looks really nice although the dress doesn't really need a zipper as I can put it on and off without opening the zipper.

The second make for this month is the easiest sewing project that ever was made, the pattern, which really was not a pattern but instructions on how to make this coat is pattern nr. 116 from 11/2014 Burdastyle Magazine. The fabric is this Lady Mc’Leroy junky rib, although it is mentioned in the site that it is heavyweight somehow I expected it to be thinner and my initial plan was to make it into a turtle neck top when I received it and saw that it is a really heavyweight I started thinking about what I could make with it and when I found this Burda pattern I thought it was the perfect choice,

I think this design is very effective and the result is a cozy warm coat with only two seams of about 25cm each. This is the first project I made after having lost my sewjo and It really gives that instant gratification, it took me 1 hour to complete it including reading the instructions, cutting and sewing. Unfortunately the photos I took with me wearing it was all unfocused expect from the one showing the back of the garment so I took a picture of the front in my dressing form. I have not worn this as we’re still in lockdown here in Greece plus the weather was unsuitable for 100% wool coat but I look forward to next winter unless we spent next winter in lockdown, fingers crossed that will not happen.

Till next time,

Stay in and stay safe!