I was inspired to try Needle Felting after seeing the beautiful needle felted landscapes Tilly Tea Dance makes. I follow her on Instagram and am constantly wowed by her creations, she also wrote a tutorial for a needle felted brooch for our site, the Sewing Directory. I saw that Minerva Crafts sell colour coordinated packs of Felting Wool so I ordered a few in landscape colours.

I looked at a few tutorials online which said I’d need needles and a Foam Pad or Felting Mat to protect the surface underneath from the needles. I didn’t know if I’d need a Single Needle or Multiple Needles so I ordered both. When I started planning my designs I realised I was missing a few colours I needed, notably blue for sky and sea/water so I bought those separately and have added them to my materials list for you. I also delved into my stash for some felt for the background, to felt onto, but again Ive included this in the materials list.

I decided to do a small picture as a test run, using a 5 inch squared piece of felt as the base. I started out by just pulling off green felt off the roll and laying it in the shape of a hill onto my felt background. I stabbed it with the multiple needle tool several times and it bonded it to the background. I added some wisps of other greens to add a bit of texture.

When you turn the felt over you can see fibres coming through from the front. A tip I read said to pull the felt off the pad every now and then so it doesn’t stick to the pad.

I added blue for the sea and sky with wisps of lighter blue to make a waves. I used the multiple needle too for all of these larger pieces. Then using the single needle I added tree trunks. 

The single needle allows you more precision. 

After the trees I decided to add sheep into the foreground. I wanted to have a go at combining embroidery with felting so I hand stitched flowers onto the grass.

This picture was just my trial run but it turned out well. Plus the size makes it perfect for the Ikea Ribba box frames

I think framed needle felted pictures would make great gifts, I will be making more for Christmas presents this year. 

I've since made another mini felted picture, a seal in the sea. I plan on stocking up on more colours and working on some larger designs in the future.