Needle felting is a craft which involves manipulating wool into different shapes with a felting needle. The needle has little barbs in it and when you insert the needle into the wool, the barbs pull and push the wool fibres so that they become 'knitted' or matted together. The more you work the wool, the firmer it becomes. This gives you the opportunity to make light fluffy flower broaches or more compact and cute little animals or geometric shapes.

The last time I tried to needle felt, my fingers resembled colanders, so I was really excited when Minerva Crafts gave me the opportunity to review their 'Dimensions' Needle Felting Kit, which uses a mould technique.

How cute is this Rabbit?  The kit comes with everything you need to make this little fella. It is also re-useable so if you want to make a whole warren you just need extra Felting Wool.  Which you can purchase from Minerva Crafts in a whole rainbow of colours.

Firstly, you make a basic rabbit shape using the white mould.

Stab the felt until it is flat and holds together.

Then carefully, take the rabbit shape out and put it into mould A.

Carry on stabbing the front of the rabbit adding more felt where needed until the mould is full.  Then repeat this process for the back of the rabbit, using mould B.

Don't panic, there is plenty more shaping to be done, it will look less like Chewbacca and more like a rabbit very shortly.

Hold the front and back of the rabbit together and use the needle to attach them together, working around the piece to create a seamless connection. Add more felt if necessary.

Next you need to use your needle and additional felt to shape the rabbit. Plump out the tummy and build up the bottom so that it sits.

Take some white felt and ball it in the palm of your hand.  Then use your needle to attach it to the rabbits bottom, to make a fluffy white bob tail.

Use the same technique to add the white tummy and face fluff and little black eyes.

Use the white oval mould to make two grey ears, adding a small amount of pink felt for the middle.

Now attach the ears with the felting needle, and sew on the nose with the pink thread and some little whiskers with the white thread.

I just love her!  Twinkle has informed me her name is Rachel. I found using the mould much easier and less painful than free forming the body.

Minerva Craft has a selection of different animal needle felting kits in their shop.