So, my cousin‘s immediate comment when she saw the dress was “oh, it looks like a bridesmaids dress” so I’m running with it!

Ever heard the saying, “Indecision killed the sewing project”? No? Well now you have because indecision killed my sewing project.

I’m unhappy with the skirt part of my dress. I ran out of fabric and couldn’t bring to fruition the mental image I’d created; I didn’t want a bodiless, A-line skirt. I wanted a full and flowy and beautifully shaped mermaid looking thing.

But meh. Life happens.

The Process

After redesigning the dress a million times over the past 3 months, I decided to just cut into my Dressmaking Fabric and just go with the final design I came up with – I thought it would look great… until it didn’t.

So I had to impromptu redesign and start again.

The Fabric I chose is a metallic grey cotton that I really love. It’s not out there in regards to shine, it’s a lot more subtle and it’s perfect.

I’ve drafted strapless bodices many times so drafting this wasn’t difficult. I wish I’d done more creatively with it though. It’s plain and looks, quite frankly, very last minute (because it was ha ha ha!)

Given structure by boning, the shape of the bodice is great and it curves in all the right places. I’m used to creating conservative strapless bodices with the usual sweetheart or straight neckline so I thought, “Hey Doj, you should so go with something different”, and something different it is!

Putting my initial indecision aside, the process wasn’t too exasperating. Overall, the dress was straightforward enough to sew despite having to make some adjustments as it ended up too big around my back. I used a matching thread for the top stitching and inserted an invisible zip.


I love that the fabric is slightly (only slightly) stretchy, so it’s comfy to wear and the flow on the skirt is good. Despite my reservations it’s not that ugly. Haha! Drama queen.

This will be my last project with Minerva Crafts for now. I’ll be leaving for China this week so I’ll have to put sewing aside for a few weeks. But it’s been great showing you my little creations, some successful, some not so successful but all fun nonetheless.

Thanks a lot to the team for having me!