This time around I choose something a little different than I would normally pick. I have no idea why, but that day I was feeling frisky I guess. Usually I don't go for flounce on my shirts but something about this pattern sucked me in.

I present to you the Women's Cascade Tee from New Horizons Designs. They also have a girls pattern in case you are interested. The pattern has options for flounce on the sleeves with either sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve. You can also make it without the flounce. I made the sleeveless with flounce.

At the time of making this my measurements were 36-32-40 which means I should have been a size 8-12-12 but I ended up making an 8 in the bust and graded out to 10 in both the waist and hips. I like things to be a little more fitted. I think this was the perfect fit.

The fabric I choose is a Soft Touch Jersey Fabric in Bright Mint Green. It's a polyester/lycra mix and light weight. It's very slinky and can be hard to sew with if you're brand new to sewing but I actually had no issues with it. I was surprised it was so easy to work with. The color reminds me of a Jade Green. I am obsessed with this color.

I am super excited how this shirt turned out. I was really second-guessing myself and wondering what I was thinking but, wow, what a win. This pattern is super easy to sew up and I'll be making more for sure. I'm also loving this fabric, I actually have a little leftover and my plan is to make another "shell" type shirt for work wear.

I've been wearing this to work since it looks fancy in-person. I had a random compliment on how the color is gorgeous - so yay!

Overall - great pattern that will be made again. Sizing down on the waist/hips was a great idea and the fabric is a slinky dream. Sometimes you spend all the time planning and making the garment for it to be a fail. I'm glad I had a win!