Hi guys!
Sarah from Wanderstitch here again - I'm back with another Minerva make, this time for the husband!
If you've seen my blog you'll know that I love to make him shirts, and although it's nice to find a tried-and-true pattern that you know will fit well, sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit with a new style.
I wanted to make a summer shirt with an open collar - the husband has a couple of these in his wardrobe so I knew the style suited him. But I'd never made one before, I'd only ever made shirts with a traditional collar. I was hoping this style would be a little bit easier as there's no collar stand to deal with, but that wasn't actually the case!
The construction of the collar was a little different to what I'm used to, and even thought I've made a fair few shirts I still struggled with how this one was going together. The Deer and Doe Bruyere has a flat collar, and that was much easier to construct - though I'm unable to pinpoint the exact differences between the two from memory. Perhaps I'll get out the pattern pieces and the instructions and compare them, because I definitely didn't struggle as much with the Bruyere as I did with this one!
The finished collar doesn't actually look *too* bad though, however I have - for the first time ever - actually starched this bad boy to get it to sit right and stay right. I think just a bit of practice is all that's needed to get the construction down, it was just unfamiliar to me.
The fabric I've used is a beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn - I use this for all the shirts I make for the husband, and you just can't go wrong with it. It's beautiful to work with and comes in so many designs.
As usual, I used half-inch bias tape to finish the sleeves and hem, and I had to buy white specially because it's not a colour I usually use and I didn't have any kicking around :( I even had to buy white thread as I didn't have any of that either! But hey, it's nice to step out of our colour comfort zone once in a while right?!
The one thing that confused me a bit with the pattern is that they tell you to under stitch the shirt facing, but then when the collar is turned out for wearing, you see this stitching. I think maybe next time, I'll stop the stitching at the top buttonhole, so that it remains on the inside of the shirt and there's no stitching on the outward facing bit that forms the lower part of the collar.
I had in my head that this would be a light, airy summer shirt for the heatwave that we'd been having, and although that's pretty much how it's turned out, I think that there's some fitting issues that could be improved on the next version - for a start, those sleeves are HUGE! They *definitely* need to be slimmed down and shortened.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with the shirt for a first attempt! I will definitely use this pattern again but with slimmed/shortened sleeves and perhaps a slightly slimmer body on the next one too as I feel this one just looks a little... big and oversized. It could be the fact that's it's a white fabric, and I'm not used to seeing him in white - I'm not sure. But either way, it's nice to make a shirt that's slightly different to the usual design, and I guess it avoids too much repetition in the husbands wardrobe!
I'll be back next month with another make... which just so happens to be another shirt for the husband!!
See you next time guys :) 
Sarah // Wanderstitch