After making a pair of John Kaldor crepe Culottes back in November, I am totally obsessed with Crepe Fabric! It’s a delicate fabric with beautiful drape, whilst remaining easy to sew and care for. I’ve been lusting after a kimono to dress up a pair of jeans for a while, and when I spotted this floral print pink on black Bubble Crepe Fabric available at Minerva Crafts, I knew I’d found the perfect fabric for this make. It’s a large print which really compliments this sewing pattern, and it’s a nice modern floral with a respectable splash of pink, so it doesn’t look like you're dressed head to toe in your Nan’s curtains!

I used the New Look 6378 Pattern and made View B - I loved the sleeves and the asymmetrical hem of this maxi-length kimono. It uses only 3 pattern pieces and despite its length calls for just over 2 metres of fabric. I ordered 3 metres and I was able to make a top out of the remaining fabric. The construction of this garment was very simple as there are no facings or fastenings, and I got most of the garment cut and sewn within the first 2 hours.

The most time-consuming part of the construction was applying the Bias Binding as it is applied continuously to the neck, front bodice and hem. The pattern called for an ambiguous ‘Two pkgs. Of ½” wide single fold bias tape’ and I hoped that 4 metres of this Essential Trimmings Polycotton Bias Binding Tape (13mm) would be enough. Halfway through pinning the bias binding to the garment I worried that I didn’t order enough but fortunately I had just 15cm spare! I’m impressed with the quality of the bias binding, and it’s definitely worth using a good quality binding as it’s on show all the time when you wear it.

If I was to make this garment again I would actually omit the bias binding all together and just fold over the raw edge instead. This is because the bias binding does alter the drape of the fabric - and half the construction time of this garment was spent on this final step. I would also adjust the back pattern piece to be cut on the fold, as I feel that centre back seam interrupts the drape of the garment also, and looks a bit unsightly. In-seam pockets would also be a wonderful addition to this garment.

I think I’d also take off some of the length as the kimono was a lot longer than I thought it would be. I am 5ft 7 and have quite long legs, so unless you’re taller than me or you want a kimono that grazes your ankles you’ll probably need to make adjustments to the pattern. Doing this will probably allow you to make this out of just 2 metres of fabric too!

Overall, I am really pleased with this make and have got a lot of wear out of it already. As crepe is actually warmer than it looks, I look forward to wearing it on spring days and summer evenings, it’s the perfect garment to keep the wind chill off you on a sunny day, whilst still allowing lots of air around you to keep you cool. The lightness of this fabric allows it to be carried by the wind, which makes me feel quite glamorous when I’m wearing it (until I end up trapping it in doors and cupboards!).