Everyone has their own idea of what New York is like, mine came from Sex and the City which portrayed NYC as a bustling metropolis with an exciting array of people who value individuality. A place where everyone wears fabulous clothes (to my surprise - SATC was accurate). 

So when we were headed to NYC during the half term - I had to consider what I would wear. What are you going to wear for New York? I mean this is New freaking York!!!! Home of Gossip Girl, Friends, Sex and the City, Girls and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Answer - channel my inner "Carrie".

What better way to channel my inner “Carrie” (minus the 5-inch heels) than to wear my latest #MCBN make: a Vogue 1314 sheath dress made in Art Gallery Knit Fabric - design 'Paparounes Crimson'. The relative simplicity of the Vogue Sewing Pattern design lends itself well to statement prints. I really like this pattern and I can see myself making at least 2 other versions in solid colours too. The ruching at the sides is a nice touch.

A note about the sizing on V1314 - I found that it ran large so I ended up using the size 8 instead of 12. This was my second make using this pattern so I strongly advise making a toile.

Allow me to wax lyrical about this fabric - it is GORGEOUS. I love the palette of sea blues, poppy pink and chalk white. Sewing with it was such a joy. Though it has a stripe effect - the stripes are not actually uniform in either colour or size so I didn't have to worry too much about stripe matching.

I felt right at home in the Big Apple for this photoshoot and the New York pavement was my catwalk; I felt fabulous and even got one compliment in the form of a tourist asking me for directions (which I can only assume meant I looked like a New Yorker...and no one, NO ONE, can convince me otherwise :-)!!!!

Until next time, Happy Sewing all!