I know this may come as a surprise but my October project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network is an outfit for Nikolai. I’ve found that half (or more) of my sewing is for him. Baby clothes are much quicker to make and let’s be honest – way cuter!

Someone is up to no good!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Brindilee & Twig patterns. I love her patterns because they are modern and fun. She does offer basics and even a free hoodie pattern if you want to try it out.

Pulling himself up on the couch!

I saw this fun and bright yellow tool pattern on Minerva’s site and thought that would look cute as a play outfit for Nikolai. I made this about a month ago and wouldn’t you know he’s had a massive growth spurt since then. So you’re going to see lots of baby belly hanging out. There’s also lots of tongue because he’s teething and that seems to soothe him 

So happy!

Nikolai is currently 9 months old and now wears 12 month clothing in ready to wear. I used 6-9 months for the Brindille & Twig patterns because a month ago he was in that size!! I swear he skipped 9 month clothing altogether, babies grow like crazy!

Lots of bum room!

The knit fabric was great to work with. I used a serger and whipped up the top, pants and hat (that somehow got lost thanks to Nikolai) in about 2 hours. I used ready made cuffs instead of making them.

Learning to stand!

The top is the basic tee and comes together crazy fast. Next time I will add about 1" to the length. My son is in the 98th percentile for height, so all his shirts could use an extra inch.

The bottoms are the super slim harem pants. I’ve made about 5 pairs of these and love them! I do have to add about 1/2" to the width of the legs because they are very skinny. If you use 4 way stretch knit you probably won’t have to do that. These pants look so cute on and are great if you use cloth diapers.

Hope you enjoyed the Nikolai spam! Next month’s Minerva project is a big one and it’s for me, yay for selfish sewing!