This month I was absolutely meant to be making a beautiful dress with this amazing lobster print fabric – unfortunately my time was stolen by flu and so my rock lobster dress will have to wait… so instead I’m offering you a fun and easy no sew festive garland! 

I did happen to use some of my fabric, which was in a handy dark green tie-dye but as you can see my design doesn’t do the fabric any justice so use fabric for the colours you want. In my materials list this month I ahve put together the selection of supplies you would need to create your own similar garland. 

You’ll also need Felt Fabric, which Minerva have in abundance, Fabric Glue and some Ribbon for the garland string – mine was an off white lace which I really love the texture of.

The technique is simple – cut your festive shapes from your fabric and mount with glue onto a felt base. Cut your felt to leave a slight trim all the way around the shape. 

I used Pinking Shears so I didn’t have to deal with any fraying issues but it also looks pretty Christmassy!! The shapes I went for were baubles, trees, stars and holly leaves, and I added additional red felt berries to my holly leaves.

To bring it all together lay out your ribbon and glue the pieces in place, evenly spaced. Leave to dry and tie up to add some festivity to your home! 

I hope you enjoy garland making, and I hope I manage to find time to finally make that lobster dress this Christmas.