It’s autumn! I am not very happy about this, because it means it’s going to get colder, and I don’t deal with being cold very well. My Minerva sewing project for this month is a useful addition to my autumn/winter wardrobe: a nice long sleeved t-shirt, made with the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Sewing Pattern.

The pattern is for a close-fitting t-shirt. You can gather the front middle for a ruched effect, and even have ruched sleeves, if that’s your thing. It is not mine, so I went for the plain, long sleeved option. I think the bodice front gather detail would be lovely on a solid colour top or a ditsy print, but with the large scale print I had chosen it wouldn’t really work so well.

The Fabric is AMAZING. It’s a while since I’ve used a novelty print but I just couldn’t resist these whales! The fabric code did make me laugh though - PTO-CHILD-8426.63 - even at the grand old age of 36 I’m still sporting fabric designed for kids! 

The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and medium weight. It is good quality. The print is large, and I was careful to cut so that the whales would all be going in the same direction. I cut the sleeves on a single layer so that I could control the positioning of the whales, and I was lucky there was enough grey space between the whales to cut a plain neckband (at least on the outside).

As always, Tilly’s pattern instructions were great. This is a simple top and none of the techniques were new to me, but still, I thought it was all explained very clearly. I used my overlocker to make the top, mostly, but I used my regular machine to attach clear elastic to the shoulder seams, and zig zag stitch around the neckband, sleeves and hem. I do have a twin needle, but because the top is close fitting, I decided a zig zag stitch would allow for extra stretch.

The top was a speedy sew, and as I was making it, I was consumed by an irrepressible urge to also make a new Cleo dress to wear with it. Ideally it would have been denim, but in my stash I had some navy twill that needed using up, so I made it the same day as the top! A whole new outfit!

I've included the materials to make both items in my materials list, so you can easily find the links to all the supplies you need for either or both projects!