Hi Everyone, 
So every once in a while we have a ‘bad make’. It can be the timing, the day we had, the thread or needle we use. It can be for any reason big or small. Well in true ‘real-life’ fashion, this months pattern was my ‘bad make’! 
The pattern is the classic True Bias Ogden Cami. I’ve been wanting to make this for a while, but as the summer past I thought I’d missed my chance for another year. But then I went on Pinterest and saw this cool trend of wearing a simple slip dress over a long sleeve top. Here are a few of my inspirations.
So the Ogden cami pattern was a great base. All I did was extend the length, grading it out to the same sort of shape, so I knew it was going to be nice and ‘flowy’. I wanted it to be just below my knees, for autumn, so I measured a rough measurement from my armpit to my knees, added a few centimetres for hemming and applied this to the pattern. 
The fabric I chose was this plain Rayon Challis Fabric. It’s super drapey, super soft and easy to iron. It is however, very lightweight - my first mistake. I should have fully lined the dress, I should have cut my facings to just as long as the main dress. But apart from the lightness of it, I cannot fault this fabric. 
So then all my mistakes happened. After I carefully cut out the pieces, this first parts of the sewing process went ok. Then when I tried to under stitch, for some reason I found it super tricky. Plus it didn’t help the process anyway, as all my facings still roll to the front. I found this super frustrating and knew this wasn’t going to be neat. 
The rest of the sewing went ok. And overall I’m sure I’ll learn to ignore the facing problems, and it was only the second thing I did wrong. But as this pattern is a simple, relatively easy pattern, I was annoyed I messed it up. 
I do however love the style of this and the way it looks on me. I’m definitely going to give it another go. I just need to work out how to do the facings neatly. It’s definitely the style and design I was after. 
So my summary; This fabric is gorgeous, with a lovely drape and lightweight. It would make a perfect Ogden cami top in the Summer, and it makes a great dress, but maybe line it to make it less ‘see-through’. Just take your time with the under stitching and get your facings pressed flat as much as possible. 
I hope you like what I made. And I also hope you can’t see all the mistakes I made. I have to say after wearing it, it’s not that bad, but it’s not been my biggest ‘win’. We all have bad sewing days though right?
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk