Can you believe it’s nearly November? This year has flown by. I decided that for my October post I needed a new versatile top, something that will work with many other handmade garments that I have in my autumn wardrobe.The fabric that I have used is a beautiful stretch jacquard in plum Colour (perfect for the season). It’s very soft and feels super quality. I love the geometric pattern that runs through the fabric. 
The only thing to watch for is that the stretch runs in the length direction of the fabric (cut edge to cut edge) not the width (selvedge to selvedge), so just make sure that you place the pattern pieces in the right direction if you need a certain amount of stretch (it’s very stretchy in the length ways direction).I decided to make a top version of the Nina Lee Southbank sweater. I have made this several times before. It’s a lovely shape, and a super quick and easy pattern to make up, it took me about 2 hours from start (including cutting out) to finish, probably quicker than going to the shop to buy a top.
here it is worn with ginger jeans
I decided to leave off the cuffs as I wanted a more formal looking top for when I wear it at work, and I like a slightly shorter sleeve.The fabric is stretchy but also quite stable, so it cut out fine with pins and scissors, it handles and sews really well. I sewed the whole thing up on the overlocker, other than the hems.For the hems I used a single needle on my standard sewing machine (I couldn’t find my twin needle), but used the stretch stitch setting (the one that looks like a little lightening bolt). When the hems were first stitched it stretched the fabric out of shape a little, but a shot of steam soon fixed that.I’m super happy with how the top turned out and I’ll now share some different outfit styles with you.
here it is worn with Wear Lemonade Fiona overalls
here it is worn with Closet Case patterns Jenny overalls
here it is worn with a simple elasticated waist rectangle gathered skirt
here it is worn with the Pauline Alice patterns Rosari skirt
here it is worn with a simple elasticated waist circle skirt
In summary, my goal was to make a comfortable, versatile and simple top that works with many other handmade garments in my wardrobe. Mission achieved.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing.