Have I got a slightly smug face here? Because I love this one. Really love it. I made one other True Bias Shelby before this one, slightly longer, so I had no hesitation in cutting into this beautiful Art Gallery Rayon - I knew exactly what I was getting.
First the pattern: it comes in two lengths, maxi and mini. I felt like the mini length would be a little risqué for my life (cleaning up wee accidents, gardening, kissing ouchies - the usual), so I shortened the long length to the absolute longest I could get out of two metres, just to the knee. I love the length, and I feel like it gives it a surprisingly 1940’s tea dress feel. The marketing for this pattern was heavy 90’s, if you didn't see it, but I feel like it’s more versatile than that! It is, however, a very fabric-hungry pattern, with the lovely princess seams, and this is luxury fabric. For a minute I was doubting whether I could manage it, but it is a 56” width, and I just squeezed my cutting layout. You should also note (in big bold letters), than this print is directional. I don’t think that made a difference here, but it often does! But it’s so beautiful. 
And it is lighter than air, this rayon. It’s so breezy, and effortless-looking, while feeling completely luxurious. You really can feel the quality. I’ve used Art Gallery Knits before, but this was my first time working with their rayon, and I am officially impressed. I sew a lot of rayon/viscose, and this is one of the nicest, if not THE nicest, lightweight rayon I’ve ever used. And while it is very lightweight, it has decent opacity as well. I don’t think you can see my facings here, can you?
I prefer to wear a slip with this sort of dress, because it makes the dress skim around the body nicely without clinging, and I think they’re comfortable (and I get to skip a bra), but it’s not completely see-through like you get with some very lightweight fabrics. The colour saturation on the fabric is gorgeous, the print is charming (without being too twee, I don’t think - those strawberries are tiny!), and I get compliments every time I wear it. Even from my husband, who does not care about dresses! Sewing-wise. I’ve yet again sewn my placket shut, which I’m very happy with, but just did a plain straight machine hem, which I am less happy with. I may well re-hem by hand. I dithered about the buttons, but ended up using these black ones from my stash. The other option was vintage mother-of-pearl, but I felt like the black just popped. Like mascara on an otherwise unmade face. Well, not completely unmade with a print like this: mascara and a nice bold lip. And some sunnies. And a smug face.
Thanks for reading!
Jo xx