Hello, hello!

It’s Emily from Self Assembly Required again bringing you this month’s make – the Linden sweater Sewing Pattern from Grainline Studios.

So I think everyone in the sewing world has made this one already – or at least it feels like that! I’m very late to the Linden party…

The pattern is a simple raglan sleeve sweater. It has 2 views – a regular hip length and a slightly cropped version with either long or short sleeves. I chose to make the longer version for this make.

The Fabric! Ah! I love this fabric so much. It’s the Origami Bird Print medium weight jersey in ivory. It’s gorgeous and fun and a great weight for a light sweater. (I’ve already had compliments on the fabric when I’ve worn it out!). I went with the most neutral colour – so that it can go with everything – but it also comes in blue if you wanted it a bit brighter!

This is also a very stable knit so perfect for beginners new to knits and sewing with jersey.

Tip: The more stable a knit is, the easier it will be to cut as it won’t move so much and the edges won’t curl so quickly. It should also be less likely to stretch out too much when you put it through the sewing machine.

For this make I cut a straight size 10 (I think that’s in US measurements) and made no other adjustments.

This sweater is so simple to put together. I used my overlocker to sew it all up which was great as it finished all my seams beautifully on the inside. It took maybe an hour or so from start to finish! The pattern is designed for an overlocker as it includes a very narrow seam allowance which makes it easy to put through the machine without worrying about how much of the allowance to cut off.

That being said, this would also be a very simple make on a regular sewing machine too if you don’t have an overlocker!

Tip: Try using a narrow zigzag stitch around 1.5-2mm with a 2mm stitch length. A zigzag stitch with make sure the seam retains its stretchiness. You also don’t need to finish the seams if you don’t want to. Jersey fabric doesn’t fray!

The fiddliest bit about this make is getting the neckband on. You need to stretch the band out quite a bit to get it to meet the whole neckline and as this knit isn’t so stretchy, it was a little bit tricky – it’s doable though with a bit of patience and totally worth the effort!

I’ve already worn this sweater so much since I finished it! It’s exactly how I imagined it would be!

This is definitely going to be my new go-to sweater pattern. I love how quick it is to make (so satisfying!) and I love the fit.

There are going to be a lot more Linden Sweatshirts in my future!