When we moved into our current house, one of the things we wanted to do was replace the kitchen. 14 years later, this actually looks like it might happen!

When I saw this Scandinavian Inspired Fabric from Timeless Treasures, I knew it would be perfect for the kitchen in my head! So I decided to try it out by making some oven gloves.

The fabric is beautiful. It’s a nice weight quilting cotton and it didn’t fray too much while I was cutting it. I used the foxy stuff for the outer and the fabric with the birds on for the lining.

I also tried out a little gadget for making bias binding. I found the gadget easy to use and although the first couple of attempts were far from perfect, after a little bit of practice the results were much better. Also. I found that it was easier if the fabric strip was slightly wider than the gadget specified.

I’ve included instructions for making a template for your oven gloves, but if you don’t want to do this, you can download a template from my blog here.

Hoe to make Oven Gloves

You Will Need: cotton fabric for the outer, cotton fabric for the lining, wadding, fabric for interlining, greaseproof paper and a pencil OR the template downloaded from Tea and a Sewing Machine, usual sewing supplies.

Making the Template

Take a pencil and a piece of greaseproof paper and draw around your hand. The oven gloves will need to be roomy, so allow a good couple of cm extra.

Then draw around it again, adding an extra cm for the seam allowance.

Cut out your template.

Cutting Out

You will need to cut 4 glove shapes from the outer fabric, the lining fabric, the interlining fabric and the wadding.

Cut the lining and the outer pieces on folded fabric.

When cutting out the wadding, cut it slightly larger than the template.

Quilting the Outer

1. Take one outer piece, one interlining piece and one wadding piece. Sandwich the wadding between the outer and the lining so that the outer is on the top and right side up. Pin the layers together.

2. Across the middle, mark a line at roughly 45 degrees with pins. Sew along the line.

3. Sew lines over the rest of the oven glove parallel to the first line and 2.5 cm apart. Remember to turn it each time to prevent the glove outer from distorting.

4. Using pins and a ruler, mark a line across the middle of the glove outer at right angles to the lines already sewn. Sew along the line.

5. Finish quilting the glove outer by sewing lines parallel to this new line 2.5 cm apart.

6. Trim away any excess wadding.

7. Repeat this 3 times so that you have 4 quilted outer sections.

Making the Lining

1. Check that the lining pieces are the same size as the outer, but remember that the outer pieces will stretch a bit due to the quilting. Trim the lining pieces down if necessary.

2. Take 2 of the lining pieces and pin them with the wrong sides together.

3. Sew around the sides and top of the glove lining, leaving the bottom edge open. Trim the seams and clip the curves and between the thumb and the rest of the hand.

Sewing up the Outer

1. Sew up the outer pieces in the same way as you did for the lining.

2. Trim the seams closely, then turn the right way out.

Making the Bias Binding

1. Take the rest of the outer fabric and fold in half diagonally. You will need the diagonal edge to be as long as the distance around the bottom of one oven glove, x 2, plus a bit extra. Mine was 75 cm.

2. Measure 7 mm inwards from the folded edge. Draw a line.

3. Add some pins and cut along the line OR cut along the line with a rotary cutter.

4. Thread one end of the strip through the wide end of the gadget. Pull a little bit through the smaller end.

5. Pull gently on the fabric, making sure that the folded line matches up with the middle of the gadget at the wide end. Press it with your finger and iron it as you go. It is a bit fiddly but it gets easier with practice!

6. Cut the piece of bias binding in half.

Finishing the Oven Gloves

1. Pop the lining inside the outer so that the wrong sides are together. Make sure that you push the lining right inside the top and the thumb. Pin the lining and the outer together.

2. Take one of the pieces of bias binding and fold the end over about 1 cm. Pin the bias binding to the inside of the bottom edge of the oven glove. Sew in place.

3. Fold the bias binding over the raw edges and top stitch it all the way round. Repeat for the other glove.

4. Take a piece of ribbon and fold it in half to make a loop. Hand sew it to the glove. Repeat for the other glove.

Woohoo, new oven gloves! I haven’t yet tested them, partly because they’re so pretty and I don’t want to get them mucky, so I can’t vouch for how heat resistant they are. However, I am pretty sure that they are more heat resistant than a tea towel :)