Sometimes the simplest garment can show off a fabric to its full potential. When I saw this bold print in a soft cosy knit, I knew it would make the perfect jumbo scarf. (And BONUS - a quick project!)
I used to be a scarf shopaholic… at one point I got rid of about twenty scarves and still had enough to start a small shop! But recently, I’ve found myself using the same one over and over - a large scarf that doubles up as a travel blanket for every train, plane and car journey. It’s starting to look a little too loved, so I wanted to make an updated version.
There may be scoffs about this “sewing project” but not everything we make has to be a complex garment that requires hours at the machine - it can be quite refreshing to say goodbye to the seam rippers, buttonholes and point-turners once in a while. And let’s be honest, sometimes life gets in the way of sewing. After moving house in November, I’m still surrounded by removal boxes without a sofa or even a desk to put my sewing machine on! So a speedy option once in a while is totally okay with me. The cutting, neatening and sewing for this garment took me a single hour. 
I added some tassled trim to the lower edge of the scarf — it adds a little extra interest, but is not too showy, allowing the print to do all the attention grabbing.
A scarf would be a great project for someone new to knits or anyone trying out their first overlocker. I overlocked the side edges, turned them, then topstitched with a long zig-zag stitch. By total fluke, the knit didn’t fold sharply and instead gave way to a scalloped edge, which I think is a fantastic happy accident.
I attached one of my labels for a small contrasting detail and was wearing the scarf that very same day. And since this winter is getting colder by the day, I really needed it!
Next time, another overlocker project but on a totally different theme… time to say farewell to the winter and introduce a hint of spring colour! Until then, happy sewing :)