Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well and not all going down with the ‘winter lurgy’ like our house!
Now that it’s November, it’s definitely time to start thinking about those party outfits. One item I’ve always wanted to own is a silver skirt. A skirt that’s fun, mini length and functional. 
The pattern I chose was the Simplicity 1370. I was going to make a super simple skirt (version D) but when I saw the geometric style of version A, I wanted to give it a go. 
Version A is in fact a skort. So it looks like a skirt from the front, but it’s actually a pair of shorts. I thought this would be a fun alternative and I’m surprised by how well it turned out. The front looks complicated, but it’s just layered pieces, so super simple to put together. The sizing on this pattern was pretty accurate too, so no pattern adjustments needed for me. 
The pattern is very straightforward and there wasn’t anything in there that I hadn’t done before. I think even for a beginner it’s a good one to have in your stash as it’s so versatile. Version A also had the added benefit of pockets, which if you keep up to date with my posts and blog, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of! 
The fabric I chose was this amazing Metallic Silver Soft Faux Leather. And it is incredibly soft. I really love it. It wasn’t too difficult to sew either which was nice. Although my machine did struggle a little sewing through more than two layers.
I think I would like to make another skirt from the silver leather as it’s so soft and easy to wear. And I’ll make the simple version D of this pattern as an addition to my wardrobe. You can never have too many silver skirts right?
So to summarise; a great, functional pattern using an easy to handle metallic fabric. But I do think I need to make a simple skirt (version D) too as the ‘skort’ look takes the attention away from the fabric. Do you agree?
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x