When choosing a sewing project I know some people start with fabric and others start with a pattern and then move on to choose the perfect fabric. When a certain fabric jumps out at me I love the challenge of pairing it with the perfect pattern. Sometimes this process can be challenging, and especially early on in my sewing days I struggled to pair projects correctly leading to some dubious garments I barely wore (mainly because the fabric didn't quite fit the project and therefore the garment didn't feel quite right!).
I love working with double gauze, or any kind of gauzey fabric. It is easy to cut and sew, easy to press, and lends itself to many different types of garments. I have previously made a few dresses using gauze fabrics, including this floral gauze dress on the Minerva network. Gauze is something I frequently search for hoping to find a new unique fabric to work with. The gauze I chose for this Minerva project is just fantastic. The pretty pastel hues aren't ones I would usually go for, but mixed with the geometric print I was won around to the idea of a pastel gauze top. Not to mention the fact I have been thinking about branching out in the colours I sew and wear to add more variety to the mix. 
The fabric is as gorgeous as it looks! So once it had arrived and passed the pre-wash test with flying (non fading) colours I set about deciding on a pattern. I knew it would work well as a blouse and I thought the pastel shades lended themselves well to a short sleeved number. Whilst browsing online I came across the Evelyn blouse pdf pattern from a company I hadn't come across before. I loved the v neck front detail, and the notched short sleeve detail. I was sold. I bought the pattern and printed it out soon after! 
The pattern instructions are good, and the pattern pieces are very simple to work with. It only took a few hours to put together, and I love the shape of the finished blouse and the little collar.
Gauze can do no wrong in my eyes! I feel a double gauze skirt or culottes could be a good next project in my gauzy adventures!