This time around, I have the cutest models in the world. I was really excited to make these pajamas and photograph these two little guys together. It didn’t dawn on me that photographing a 2 1/2 and 3 year old might not be the easiest task – but I did it! And now I present to you, Nico and his cousin, Avyn:
These are the Alex & Anna Winter PJ’s* by Peek-A-Boo Patterns*. I modified them a bit by shortening the sleeves. Nico sweats easily at night and I figured he would appreciate it.
Currently Nico wears a size 3T in ready-to-wear and according to the measurements he would be in a 3T with this pattern line but I went ahead and made a size 4. This way he will get more use out of them. Kids grow at an alarming rate and I have no patience for him only wearing an outfit for 2 months. I figure with the short sleeve combo and long pants these will be great for all seasons since we typically have air conditioning on when it gets too hot out. I also made Avyn’s a size 4 and he’s just a little smaller than Nico.
I’m loving the Jersey Fabric I choose, it’s got the perfect amount of stretch and is super comfortable. Nico was so excited about the print and kept quizzing me on what each vehicle was. If you follow me on Instagram (@thatssewamy) you might have seen my story where he stole this and refused to give it back because he loved it so much.
This pattern is super easy to make and sews together quickly. I have already made a few pairs but never have gotten around to blogging about them. Overall, super happy with this make and the boys loved having matching pajamas. I can’t get over how sweet these too are!