Hi Everyone,
I cannot wait to talk about this latest make. I love it so much! You all know I love dressing like a giant baby and this jumpsuit ticks all the boxes for me. 
The pattern is the Peppermint Magazine / In the Folds collaboration Jumpsuit. And best of all, it’s totally free! I was a little apprehensive of a ‘free pattern’ but it’s such a great shape and once I’d seen a few people wearing them, I knew I had to give it a go. 
I did make a couple of adjustments to it though; It comes with a waistband tie and I scrapped that. It’s too much effort to tie up every time I wear it and with no loops to keep it on, I didn’t really like the idea. 
Secondly I added turn up leg cuffs, the jumpsuit is quite long, I’m 5’5 and I had an extra 4” of fabric at the cuffs, so I made turn ups. It’s one of my favourite, more casual, ways of finishing leg hems and I love the effect.
Thirdly I added darts in the back, it had a loose shape, and without the waistband tie, It needed a little shape. So I added two darts either side of the invisible zip.
I basically put on the jumpsuit inside out and pinned a pinch where I wanted a little more shape. Then stitched a half long teardrop shape to either side. I'm pleased with the difference it made. I definitely needed a tiny bit of extra shaping in this pattern. 
The fabric I chose was the Atelier Brunette Stardust Embroidered Double Cotton Gauze. I wanted something lightweight, but easily ‘layerable’ now it’s getting colder. I’m not disappointed with it. The quality is incredible, well worth the money, especially with the beautiful metallic embroidered details. I can easily dress this up or down, it’s super soft, quite warm actually. And it’s not even see-through! 
I do apologise for the shoeless photos, I just got so excited about wearing this fresh off the machine. I just put it on and posed haha. I just feel great in this and that’s what a handmade wardrobe is all about isn’t it?
So my summary; This fabric is a must have, it’s gorgeous, versatile and well worth the splurge! The pattern is fantastic and can be easily tailor to suit different shapes. The combination is a winner. 
I hope you like my new favourite me-made item. You’ll definitely be seeing me wear this a lot on my instagram. I’m so excited to start seeing all of your autumnal makes too. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk