The Avid Seamstress’ The Sun Dress is a new pattern releases from the British based indie pattern company. It has got a button front through the centre front bodice which is framed by a square neckline and is finished with a centre-back zip. The skirt is pleated at front and back featuring in seam pockets.

This is designed with the warmer sunnier days in mind. It is a modern dress that is designed for fabrics that maybe have a linen blend if you wanted something a bit more structured or with a lightweight rayon challis which gives more of a drapey style. 

I cut a size 3 based on my bust and waist measurements and the fit is perfect, exactly like what it looks like on the pattern envelope pictures. The sewing instructions are comprehensive - they cover the different seam allowances that are put on the front band.

Thank goodness I read through the instruction booklet before I started sewing, otherwise in my overconfidence I would have assumed that like most sewing patterns, that it probably has the same seam allowances all round.

But it doesn't. It uses a smaller seam allowance on the bands. So be aware when you start sewing with this that they are different seam allowances and do read those sewing instructions BEFORE!

I love rayon fabric as it has the same comfort properties as natural fibres. It is soft and lightweight. It is absorbent so rayon fibres can be easily dyed in a wide range of colours. It is excellent at retaining dyed colour. Spicy Paparounes AGF has a beautiful print motif with striped brushstrokes in the background. A vibrant palette, I was particularly attracted to the splashes of floral pink and orange which make a striking contrast against the brush strokes.

I used spray-on starch just to reduce the slipperiness of the rayon. It is lightweight and gorgeous but if you are trying to match up the stripes you needed just a little bit of stiffness. Spray on starch washes out without any effect.

The lush florals against a subtle geometric are enchanting on this fabric especially with the supersaturated shades of plum and orange. It pops! This project turned out a lightweight and flowy dress perfect for summer. The fabric itself is smooth and comfortable.

I made a design alteration by adding a band at the bottom of the dress in parallel stripe.

This is a fabulous Fabric to work with. The sewing project was all the more joyous because of the sheer beauty of this fabric. I think it works really well in this particular style. I would highly recommend The Sun Dress in if you're looking for a defined column silhouette without sacrificing comfort.

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