With a staggering 27 sizes Jalie Patterns' Eleonore Pull on Jeans are an investment pattern – invest now – sew forever.

Are you ready for the jeans sewing pattern you never knew you wanted? It’s the Eleonore faux jeans! But first things first: what exactly are faux jeans? Well, they are a low waist pair of trousers that look like a pair of jeans, but aren’t as laborious to sew up. Think no fly! I am thinking “Hello! Why have I not come across these sooner!” Seriously they are awesome.

I am getting ahead of myself so let me tell you about the Jalie 3461 Eleonore Pull On Jeans. They are stretch pull-on jeans (long or cropped) with a wide waistband featuring a yoke, faux fly in the front and patch pockets in the back. They are fitted through waist and hips and straight from the knee down. Additionally, you can easily turn them into skinny jeans with the instructions on how to do so that come with the pattern.

The great thing about the elastic waist on the Eleonore jeans is that you can’t really tell that there is elastic. That’s because of the genius way in which the elastic is sewn into the waistband. It’s a new technique that I will no doubt be trying out again as I am very pleased with the results. The fit of the jeans that I sewed was spot on. I selected my size based on my waist and hip measurements. Having used Jalie patterns before, I was very confident in their sizing and this was no exception. 

Key things to note about this pattern before you make yours:

  • These are designed for stretch woven fabrics with AT LEAST 20% stretch across the width.

  • Jalie uses a 1cm seam allowance (sometimes I forget too).

Cotton Sateen Fabrics would do brilliantly for this style but for me it was the bold and playful print of this Stretch Denim Fabric that caught my eye. Pinkish background with the rococo style black design makes for a very cool eye catching fabric. The denim has a lovely drape and a nice even handle. Sewing with it was fun as it takes a stitch beautifully and the topstitching is a joy to behold. It all came together so quickly and in one sitting too. My mind is blown that I can make what looks like a pair of jeans in less than half the time it took to sew my last pair! I am converted to the elastic waist jeans – long may the trend live on!

Combining the pink and black denim with the Eleonore pull on jeans elevates this to a show stopping addition to my wardrobe. I used the scraps to make an obi style sash belt. The elastic waist is so comfortable! With a staggering 27 sizes Jalie Patterns’ Eleonore Pull on Jeans are an investment pattern – invest now – sew forever.

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