Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the cooler days that we’ve experienced lately. Although spring is my favourite season, autumn has the most beautiful colours of changing leaves, and as long as it doesn’t rain all that much I quite enjoy it. 

Sewing wise, I’m lacking layering pieces. I’ve been wanting to make more pinafores after I made the Bibi pinafore from Tilly and the Buttons book Stretch about a year ago. To explore more on the pinafore front I came across the Pippi pinafore pattern from Jennifer Lauren Handmade patterns. I’ve already made two of their patterns previously and that was the Gable top which you can read here and the Juniper cardigan you can read here.

I purchased the pattern digitally, thinking I’ll have the time to print it out and tape it together sometime soon. Oh, how I overestimate myself. A few months after my purchase, Jennifer Lauren started a Kickstarter campaign to get her patterns printed starting with the Sorrel dress as a debut, and I supported it. She quickly met her goal and started on stretch goals soon after including the Juniper cardigan and Pippi pinafore getting printed as well. I took this as an opportunity to get the pattern printed and helping someone reach their goals in one swoop.

To make this a wardrobe staple, I originally wanted to make the pinafore in a medium to heavy wool fabric. I couldn’t find one suitable for my taste and went in another direction, Lady McElroy. I’ve been lucky enough to have made garments from some of their fabrics and they’ve always been as expected. I choose the black stretch suiting fabric which contains polyester, viscose and spandex for the pinafore.

To my surprise, the bib and pockets of the pinafore were lined. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved a fun lining. Even if there’s only you who sees it. The pattern itself was easy to follow and sew up. I did have some problems with the buttonholes, but I think that was more of a mechanical problem then a pattern problem. 

To accompany the Lady McElroy fabric I paired it with Prym bachelor jeans buttons in colour Black Oxidized. I thought of making contrasting buttons and even topstitching, but left it out as I wanted the pinafore to go with whatever top, blouse or jumper I threw on with it.

Both the details in the buttons and pattern is pretty cool I think. 

To be honest, this make wasn’t instant love. And I don’t really know if I like it that much yet. I really like the fact that it is a pinafore, but I’m unsure about the drafting of the skirt. It’s the awkward fullness or lack thereof. The option between full skirt and pencil skirt which I find a bit weird. But I liked it more now a couple of days after making it then when I finished the project. The pockets alone made the skirt more interesting. I might try to redo the skirt somehow and definitely lengthen the bib for my longer torso next time. Until then, see you!