My first finished project of 2015 is Closet Case Files' Ginger Jeans. This was a great project to start the year with: it's a wardrobe essential, tests my skills, and was a good opportunity to practice my vow of 'slow sewing'. I made them over 3-4 sessions around the new year so as not to get tired and make silly mistakes or cut corners; overall I think they took about 10 hours sew-time excluding PDF assembly.

True silly story: I was intending to make view B, the high-rise skinny leg option. But I accidentally printed view A (low-rise stovepipe leg) instead *facepalm*. I couldn't be bothered printing off 40 more pages so went ahead with A, tapering in the the legs manually. I AM going to make the real view B sometime as that high rise waist is hot stuff. Anyway I love the low version too and it more closely mirrors what I go for in RTW jeans.

My fabric is plum cotton/lycra coloured stretch denim fabric from Minerva. It's gorgeous; I love the colour, the stretch is perfect for Ginger (about 20% crosswise) and it's got a super-soft brushed type finish. Plum is one of my favourite colours to wear and it's a great partner to my large collection of grey and black tops.

I cut size 8 which matches my waist measurement but is smaller than my hips - a bit silly as there's negative hip ease built in to the pattern already. I ended up sewing the hip and thigh area with a scant seam allowance to compensate and just about got away with it. In terms of other fit modifications, I manually slimmed down the leg below the knee to turn the stovepipe to skinny and took about an inch off the length at the hem.

The fly front is tidy although a little bit twisted - I think the buttonhole isn't in quite the right place and also the fact that they're snug across the hips makes it pull apart a bit. I went for the baby pink topstitching thread mostly to practice accuracy - contrasty topstitching isn't really my favourite look so I didn't topstitch the leg seams at all. I'll definitely add the front pocket stay/extension because it really helps suck in and smooth out the front line.

I'm really happy with the final jeans - for an un-toiled foray into a new pattern the fit is impressive and they definitely fill a wardrobe, gap, adding a bit of colour to pair with all my monochrome tops.