Hello all! I'm going on tour next week and I wanted some fun pajamas to wear on the tour bus, which is where this panda Jersey Fabric from Minerva Crafts came into play. They were very quick to sew up and I used two well loved patterns from my stash: the Grainline Lark Tee and the True Bias Hudson Pants
The top I made no changes to, and took a great deal of pleasure in twin-needling the hems. I love how professional it looks! Overall, it's a bit tighter than I would like for a pajama top so would perhaps size up next time. The sleeves are a little on the short side so I would also lengthen those. The making process went really quickly and smoothly without any issues. 
The pajama bottoms portion took a tad longer, mainly because I faffed around with the hem bands. I was worried that they would be too tight so I added some ease to the pattern. This didn't work for me because they were then the same size as the hems as the trousers and some negative ease is needed in the cuffs for them to look any good. So they were unpicked, made a bit smaller and reattached, and they looked much better. I used the length of the elastic in my Dino Hudsons as a guide for these new Polar bear Hudsons. Again, they are slightly more fitted than I would prefer, but I don't know if they will bag out with wear over time.  
I do love fun pajamas and getting the chance to use prints that I wouldn't wear everyday. I also managed to squeeze 2 pairs of pants/ underwear for the Americans out of the scraps which are a useful addition to my knicker wardrobe. The fabric is really soft against the skin which is just what you want for pajamas. I look forward to wearing them on tour. 

Thanks for reading and to Minerva Crafts for providing the materials for this project!

Lauren xx