It’s February, and 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day, so it’s time for a love-themed craft project! However, instead of going down the usual smushy, lovey-dovey route, I decided to take a more subtle approach for my Valentine’s Day gift this year and make… a pompom bouquet!

Ever since Kirstie Allsopp used a pompom maker on her TV show last year I've been longing to give one a try. Personally, I see no problem with the good old circular card method, but I've seen so many blogs over the past year about these little devices that I felt a little bit left out - but no longer! I may be a bit late to the pompom party but I've definitely arrived - in the form of a heart-shaped pompom maker. Perfect for a Valentine's craft!

I chose to make my heart pompoms in a variety of blue, grey and white yarns - it matches our bedroom colour scheme just marvellously and makes this a bit more of a 'manly' gift for my husband – If pompom hearts can ever be called manly that is!

To make the pompoms, you simply wrap your yarn around the arms of the pompom maker, close it up, tie another piece of yarn tightly around the middle, carefully cut around the edges and then pull the ends really, really tightly. This sounds like the easiest thing ever but, believe me, you have to go careful otherwise you can get a bit over-excited and end up with tiny bits of cut-up yarn all over the carpet...

Anyway, once I'd made a good handful in various shades of blue (and cleaned up all the unsuccessful ones off the floor), it was time to make them into a bouquet. To do this I got hold of some wooden skewers (from the supermarket) and simply poked one into the middle of each pompom. Easy! I also cut some of the skewers to different lengths to give the bouquet a bit of varying height and then popped them into a glass vase on my windowsill.

This is such an easy Valentine's day craft and is great for both kids and grown-up kids. I’m certainly looking to make more pompoms for other uses – perhaps a nice garland for Mother’s Day? Give it a try!