The Apollon sewing pattern has shot to the top of my list as my favourite pullover. It’s a modern shape, easily adjustable and produces a simple garment that’s perfect for showcasing beautiful fabrics like this fleece-backed “Old Green” jersey.
I’ve used the Apollon pattern on a previous project, but this time I brought the armhole up to shorten the shoulder seam for a more fitted shape.
I am loving playing with little embellishments at the moment and these cute metal hummingbird buttons add a special touch to lift the muted colour scheme. Initially I stitched one on but because of the deep shank, it drooped down and looked quite sorry for itself. So I took a chisel and hammer and knocked off the shank on the back of the button, sanded it to get rid of any sharp edges then used Jewel Bond to glue it in place. Now that the back is flat, it gives a much more professional finish.
I also added this chalk and charcoal piping from Atelier Brunette. I took a more cautious approach to the piping on this project because my previous attempts have always gone a little skew-whiff. I carefully hand tacked the piping in place along the sleeve piece so that I could then overlock the seam in one go, using my tacking as a guideline for the blade and needles. It gives a much better result than just sandwiching the piping into the seam and hoping for the best!
Minerva are constantly adding to their range of ribbed jersey, so I was able to perfectly colour match the main fabric with this rib for the neckband, waistband and cuffs. I’ve made a note for the next time I use this pattern to shorten all the ribbed pieces in order to tighten everything up. I could also afford to take in the side seams by a couple of inches if I wanted a closer fitting garment.
I like the way this one turned out—it’s both smart and relaxed at the same time, and the extra details give it that special edge.
I’ve been neglecting the bottom half for a while now, so next month I’m going to turn my attention south of the waist... and get busy with some denim! Until then, happy sewing everyone!