My Minerva Crafts network make this month are some addictively comfy trousers that are so easy to wear they could almost be pyjamas. They suit the pendulum of my style – these are obviously at the far end of the causal end – but the type of thing I like to pad around the house in, especially in the evenings...Oh OK! You got me, yes, they’re sweatpants. And these are the Hudson Pants, by True Bias.

I have made two previous versions of Hudson pants – my favourite floral Capri length Hudsons and then my Arctic Hudsons made out of fleecey sweatshirting – two extremes of seasonal trackies. I felt that a spring/ autumn version was in order to complete my lounging portfolio.

However, I had intended to make a different pattern, Kwik Sew K3835, which are almost a cross between harem pants & yoga pants. BUT unless I have got something very wrong, the yardages given on the envelope (between 1.4m and 1.75m of 150cm for the XS and S) are no where near enough. I had 1.4m & barely had enough for the slimmer legged Hudson pants. I like to pride myself on being pretty adept at getting the most out of my fabric but I couldn’t quite get all the pieces out of the main fabric, meaning pocket facings (it’s OK because they don’t show) are in a different colour. However the fabric that Vicki helped me choose would be glorious as the Kwik Sew trousers – just get a lot more than the envelope tells you. ( I think I would consider getting an additional metre if I was to try again).

The fabric then is a John Kaldor Roanne in purple & it has a beautiful drape to it. As Hudson pants it is most definitely Spring weight - & I can’t help feeling a bit like I am wearing those kind of long Johns you see in cowboy films (except they were usually a dusky red colour). I think it is the cut of the leg – slimline & with an ankle cuff. They are reasonably low rise.

There is always the temptation to bring in some contrast for the Hudsons – with cuffs, waistband & pocket bands being details that can be highlighted this way. I exercised huge restraint this time & just added a piece of navy jersey to the pocket band.

And it’s the details that make the Hudsons a nice sew. They are quick to complete, but not so quick that you feel cheated by a too quick sewing experience. The waistband is elasticated – with additional lines of stitching through all layers to keep the elastic from twisting. There is also a drawstring - I used ribbon.

And changed my mind when I managed to find a better colour.

So despite the Hudsons being Plan B, I am very happy with them. They are constantly covered in threads & white cat hair – being worn as I sew & then as I relax in the evening & the cat deems me a suitable source of warmth. The purple shows these practical side effects up so much lint rolling for these photos!

My materials list includes 3 metres of the roanne jersey (in case you want to try the kwik sew pattern), the kwik sew pattern I was initially going to try and a matching thread.