In the time between ordering supplies for a project and actually making that project my plans often change. I’m quite fickle and when I’m sewing I like to make what I fancy when I fancy making it. This project is no exception.

I ordered this red and brown Abstract Texture Print Peachskin Fabric intending to make a blouse or shirt, but when I got it out and started looking at patterns it wasn’t speaking to me as a blouse. I went rooting through my pattern stash to see what else I could do with it – hint, it’s going to be a dress! – and came up with the Salme Patterns Raglan Shirt Dress pattern. I bought the pattern ages ago because although I love shirt dresses on other people I’m not keen on collars and close fitting necklines on myself and thought this might be the perfect solution.

The fabric is perfect for this pattern, it’s drapey but not too thin and the weight of it means that it hangs nicely. I guess it would have been equally as nice made into a blouse or shirt should my original plan not have changed.

On the dummy the centre front hem looks as if it’s dipping in slightly, I think the reason for this is there is a centre front seam which is sewn after the neckline is finished. It doesn’t appear as bad when worn thankfully but is slightly annoying. If I made this again I think I’d cut the front on the fold and draft a facing piece for the front neckline between the collar.

There are some nice gathers at the shoulders between the raglan seams – which you can’t see terribly well in this fabric – and these are echoed by gathers at the cuffs.

I decided to create a shirt tail hem, rather than the straight across one the pattern instructions gave. This is a detail I’ve grown quite fond of recently. To create my curve I used my Pattern Master and chalked the curve I wanted directly onto the fabric. I then overlocked the hem, turned it up once and topstitched. All seams within the dress are French seams. This is suggested in the pattern and works perfectly for this fabric, as it does fray quite a bit.