I’m in love with my new trousers and I cannot wait to tell you all about them!

I’ve been trying to think of the perfect pattern pairing for this fabric for a long time. It’s a deliciously soft but sturdy railroad stripe denim by Robert Kaufman, and it has a decent amount of stretch to it. I haven’t yet taken the plunge into jeans making, so I was looking for a trouser pattern that would be a good jeans-substitute. Something that was structured and topstitched like denim, but simpler and more straight forward to put together. 

I’d come across Sew House Seven previously when I fell in love with their Burnside Bibs pattern, which was a great sew with lots of gorgeous details. I wasn’t immediately smitten with the Free Range Slacks pattern, however I knew it would be a great fit for this fabric and it had most of the design elements I was searching for. When the pattern arrived I was actually pleasantly surprised. I think the photos on the pattern packet don’t really do these pattern justice to be honest as you just can’t really see the lovely pattern elements that make this pattern a great one. The legs have side panels, which isn’t overly apparent from the photographs, and the way the back pockets are constructed along the side panel seam is genius. There’s a lot of topstitching too, which is something I really enjoy and something I wanted to utilise with this fabric as much as possible.

I cut a size 16 going by my body measurements, but as this fabric has some stretch I could have possibly gotten away with a smaller size. Regardless, I really love the shape and fit of these trousers. I went for version 1, which is the tapered leg view. Personally, I prefer a tapered leg as I have a very short inseam and they suit my pear shape better I think.

Railroad denim is a denim that has thin white and blue stripes running down the fabric. I pondered which colour topstitching thread to use - whether to go for a navy so that it wasn’t really visible or whether to go for a more traditional denim gold coloured thread. I opted for the gold thread as i wanted to give these trousers as much of a ‘jeans’ look as possible. I actually really love the gold stitching with the railroad denim, and I love how work-wear it looks. 

Constructing the pattern was really straight forward. The instruction booklet that comes with the pattern is very easy to follow and well explained. There are bonus instructions on how to do flat felled seams too, but I kept it simple by overlooking the seam edges. The topstitching does take up a bulk of time, but it’s definitely worth it. I especially like the double topstitching on the front pockets, I feel it gives the trousers more of a utility vibe.

I am over the moon with how my free range slacks turned out. They’re a really versatile garment and I know for a fact that I’ll get lots of wear out of the,. They’re easy enough to dress down in the colder months with a big jumper and boots, but also easily styled for the evening with a smarter top and different shoes. This denim is light weight enough to enjoy in the warmer months too, worn with a simple vest and Birkenstock’s, that’ll be my spring staple I’m sure. 

These trousers have been a pleasant surprise and I’m already thinking about making another pair and how many different looks I can get from this one pattern. I’m thinking a black black twill pair, I’d also like an earthy-toned linen pair. That’s not even going down the route of adding a contrast panel on the side leg too - so many options!

Carly @ Lucky Sew and Sew