Well hello chums!

There are many things I love about being a Minerva Crafts blogger but this month I was especially pleased that I had a deadline as I thrive off deadlines and really needed one to jump to the top of my ‘Everest style’ to do list that was sewing led! I actually ran past April without sewing up a single thing and I usually tick off about 6-8 things a month - I have just been so busy!! It’s all been about my music recently and we are writing, recording, practising a new album and for upcoming shows, which is brilliant but boy have I missed sewing!! So, yes thankyou MInerva for this deadline which made me have an amazing ‘day off’ with my sewing machine to make this gorgeous Rosari Skirt!!!!

Photos by my wonderful husband, Stephen on location in my parents bedroom!

I am SO happy with this project - from beginning to end I loved it all!! The Rosari Skirt Sewing Pattern by Pauline Alice really is a wardrobe staple. It’s a stunning pattern with so many choices…

I had a really hard time deciding on which option to go with and I kept changing my mind as I found lots of great pictures on the internet of fellow sewers in their versions and wanted them ALL! I think the choice was down to the fabric in the end as I went with this amazing bright red Needlecord Fabric which just screamed mini skirt at me! But then I had to decide on pockets… and there are four options - in the end I went for the detailed pleated pocket as I think they are really pretty and I had never done one before and like to try a new challenge!

This fabric is incredible - it’s so soft and malleable but also sturdy and structured enough to make this a line shape really work and that RED! I LOVE it!! It pressed up really well and was easy to sew with without too much fraying! There is a bit of stretch which gives me extra wiggle room but it didn’t feel like a stretchy material to sew up - which I think is the perfect balance!

I whizzed through this make in a few hours and the most time consuming bit was of course the buttons and buttonholes but thanks to my super Pfaff Passport 2 sewing machine I did them all by machine at just a touch of a button so even that didn’t take long at all! I love sewing on buttons by machine - I have a handy foot to slot them in and hold them in place that I am obsessed with and lucky enough to have a speedy buttonhole maker foot/machine too!

While we are on the subject - how amazing are these buttons?!! I picked them up a few weeks ago at Chiswick car boot sale (and the shirt too!) - they are 1960s vintage and I got 10 for £2!! They couldn’t be more perfect for this skirt and I have one spare should one wander off at some point!! :) I totally think it’s now a 1960s style skirt which I love!!

I don’t have much more to say about this make other than I think this will get the most wear of all of my Minerva projects so far as it perfect all year round, goes with many things in my wardrobe and you just can’t go wrong with a super sweet red mini skirt!!

Yay!! Thankyou Minerva for the deadline that made me make this awesome skirt!! I couldn’t be happier!! And thankyou to all of you for reading about it! I fully recommend you make one yourself and join me in the happy Rosari land!

Sew much love,