Hello everyone! I’m Athina and I’m excited to join the MCBN among so many talented people!
For my first project I chose to make a dress I had an eye on for months, the Reeta Midi Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern by Named Patterns. Since I wanted this dress to be a success, I decided to be a good girl and make a toile first, a wearable muslin to be more exact, to check the fit and the overall construction. And I’m so glad I did, because my first dress turned out to be a nightmare!
When I got to the point where I had to sew the collar and then the yoke facing I got really frustrated, I couldn’t figure out what the illustrations were showing and ended up searching for pattern reviews online. Turns out lots of other people had the same issues and after a lot of cursing/throwing things/almost ruining the entire dress I decided to leave it for the night and clear my head. The next day I did some research and I ended up using my sewing knowledge from other patterns to finish it.
When the time came to sew my actual Reeta dress for the #MCBN I was prepared not to rely on the pattern instructions and I made it my own way from the start. I had zero problems and it turned out beautiful!
For my first Reeta I used a viscose fabric from my stash, whereas for my second one I opted for a gorgeous floral Cotton Fabric from Minerva Crafts. There are significant differences between the two dresses and I really wanted to see how the pattern would behave once made in a less drapey fabric. My cotton Reeta has more structure and was definitely easier to sew, because the fabric is not so slippery and it ironed very well. My viscose Reeta is flowier but was a challenge to sew. So if you are considering making this pattern my opinion is that you can definitely choose a cotton fabric if you want to make your life a bit easier!
I also cheated a little bit and didn’t sew buttonholes. Instead I stitched all the Buttons on the dress to close it, since I could pull it on an off of my head anyway, without having to undo any buttons.  For the drawstring, I used a beige cord from my stash and the buttons were little white hearts from Minerva Crafts.
Looking back at my two dresses, I am very happy with both of them! They are easy to wear and I enjoyed them during the summer! The fact that they are midi length makes them suitable for the colder days when I like to have my legs covered! The pattern has many interesting features (for example the construction of the drawstring casing was something I didn’t see anywhere else) but be prepared that it is not suitable for beginners.
I really hope you like my Reeta dresses and I can’t wait for my next MCBN make!