I'm working my way through remnants and revisiting patterns I enjoy wearing.

This Jersey Fabric was used in January 2016 for a skull lace jacket I made on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, which I still wear when there's a chill in the air.

I do wear this in the morning to the gym when it's still dark because I used reflective piping.

The skull lace still makes people look twice when I wear this jacket.

Back to the dress...as you can see I managed to successfully win at pattern tetris for this dress. This Ponte Roma Fabric is always stocked in lots of colours by Minerva Crafts.

I was also able to use zippers from my stash.

At this point I went back to see when I originally made this dress.

I originally made this dress in 2013 using view B.

That scared me because I wasn't sure if my shape had changed too much.

Not too bad from the back view #notamodel.

With a decent press, those zippers will lie flatter on this dress.

I'm happy with the fit of this dress but will certainly try my best to keep my shape in check.

Thanks Minerva!