I have always enjoyed making jewellery, starting out with friendship bracelets, then beaded necklaces and eventually onto wirework to make necklaces, earrings and even rings. I was given a ring mandrel at Christmas (such a craft geek gift right!) – a mandrel is a tool to measure rings and is so handy to get the fit just right – although with these wire rings you can measure around your finger. 

To make these rings all you need is jewellery wire (I had two sizes – 0.8mm for the bases and 0.4mm for lighter detail) and some pretty beads! I absolutely loved these shell beads and I thought they’d make really beautiful details on rings. I’m also planning some earrings covered in them! Everything I used is in my materials list, so if you would like to have a go you can get everything you need easily from Minerva - and you will have loads of beads and wire to play with!

Both ring styles begin with a base so either using your mandrel or your finger wrap your wire three times around. Remove from the mandrel/your finger pinching the top to keep the shape and trim about 15cm of wire on each end. Now wrap one loose end of wire through the centre of your ring and around it a few times to hold.

Wrap ring

For this ring choose some pretty beads and thread onto the end of the wire you’ve just used to secure your ring – make sure the width doesn’t go wider than your finger or it will be uncomfortable to wear. Secure by wrapping the end of the wire around the ring base as before and trim. Use your pliers to push the end of the wire into the base so your finger is protected from any sharp edges.

Now take your second loose end of wire and wrap horizontally around and around your beads, forming a little nest. Try and wrap up the sides of the beads and then back down to the base so you can finish by wrapping the wire around the ring base once and hiding as before.

Feature Ring

For this ring you need one larger bead to feature – this is where I used those gorgeous shell beads. Follow the first step for a wrap ring but use both loose ends of your wire to secure the ring base and then trim both.

Now cut a length of your thinner 0.4mm wire. Wrap one end around the ring base then thread a few tiny beads (I used clear spacer beads) followed by your feature bead, followed by a couple more spacer beads. The role of those tiny beads is to help hold the feature bead in place above your finger so you may need more/less depending on bead shape.

Finish by wrapping the loose end of your wire tightly around the ring base a few times and trim.

And voila – hand candy!