I always love when I can make a toy that the kids love to play with. Sometimes it's the simplest things, like when I attached a shoelace to a shoebox, added in a stuffed toy and called it a train. The 2 year old thought it was the greatest thing ever!

I wanted this rocket to be easy enough to kids to make, or at least help with, but also sturdy enough to withstand play. So far, it looks like I succeeded!

I started out with a sturdy cardboard tube. This particular one was from my adhesive vinyl. A regular paper towel roll would work as well, but your finished product might not be quite as strong.

I used Mod Podge to adhere the felt to the tube. Luckily, these felt sheets were the perfect size - I didn't even need to cut it!

When that was dried, I used a strong Sheet of Foam to cut out the wings. I mostly eye-balled it, drawing what seemed like a good size and then cutting it out.

The nose of the rocket proved to be the most difficult for me. I experimented with paper drawing circles that, when rolled just so, would make the right size. When I finally determined what size to use, I choose a different color foam and cut out the circle. The trick is to make a snip in the circle, about half-way (see photo) and then fold it into a cone-shape.

I used hot-glue to add the wings and the cone. This is something I let my 7 year old do with supervision, but you know your child best.

I also added a couple strips of Washi tape, just for decorative purposes.

The finishing touches are actually courtesy of my daughter. She was eager to play with this new play thing, but she said it was missing something. She got some Tissue Paper and cut strips out of red, orange and yellow (for the fire, of course!) and then asked my suggestion on how to attach it to her rocket. We decided tape would be the sturdiest option.

When she gave it a whirl, she was thrilled. Not only does the tissue paper "flames" make it look complete, but it makes a fun "whooshing" sound when she zooms around the room with it!