Hello beautiful sewing people! I’m back for this month's post pushing me out of my comfort zone. Why is it out of my comfort zone you ask? Let me break it down for you.

First of all, the colour is not what I usually go for. I really like pink, but I don’t wear it, especially this lighter rose pink colour. My sister is the one that is the pink lover in our family and I figured if I end up not wearing it I could always give it to her as maternity wear! Great way to test something out in my opinion.

Second of all, this is a fabric that I’m not as familiar with, as I haven’t worked with it as much. This double cotton gauze fabric is seriously a dream. It is a light fabric that is a 100% cotton, which makes it so breathable. I imagine this is a perfect spring and summer fabric. Although we are in March, there is still a lot of snow here in Norway, but soon it will thaw. 

This double cotton gauze comes in 33 different colours to choose from and it is 175 cm (70 inches) wide! The possibilities are endless with this kind of width!

Third of all, this pattern is oversize and romantic, way out of my comfort zone! The pattern is the Myosotis dress from Deer & Doe's spring and summer collection 2018. I’m not that fan of the oversize trend that is going on. I see that lots of people have managed to pull it off, but I still need to cringe in my waist. To do this I added waist ties on both side seams. It’s great to regulate if you get a food baby during the day.

The dress has a lot of ruffles if you choose to make it so. Version A of the pattern has a gathered skirt with a ruffle tier at the end and ruffled sleeve hems. Version B has the gathered skirt, but omitted the ruffled sleeve and skirt hems. I went with the combination of the two and chose to have the ruffles skirt hem and omitted the ruffled sleeves. 

Even though I had my doubts about this dress coming together I liked it in the end. I feel a bit sugar sweet when I’m wearing it, but that’s mostly because of the colour I believe. But I think I can pull off wearing this colour. The skirt ruffle is also something I need to get used to as it is a romantic style that I don’t intend to go for. Even though I’m a feminine woman, I don’t really feel THAT feminine or girly. Something to work on here I see.

In other news, I’m hosting a sewing challenge over on my instagram account @sopbac_ celebrating my 30th birthday in April. Minerva is one of my sponsors for the challenge and you can win a craft bag by entering so go have a look and participate!