Fabric baskets are always useful. This is especially true after Christmas when there’s mess that needs dealing with that still doesn’t have a home!

These fabric baskets are easy and quick to make. I used this beautiful Gutermann Fabric fat quarter bundle to make them. I wanted to make something else from Gutermann fabric as it’s so beautiful, and fabric baskets were the perfect project. I used Bias Binding in matching colours, and some Sew In Interfacing so that the baskets would hold their shape.

I made three baskets of different sizes. To get the different sizes, I drew round a dinner plate, a side plate and a bowl. You can make them any size, just draw a circle, then either measure or use pi to work out how long the sides will need to be. If you can’t remember what pi is, don’t worry, I’ll explain in a minute! If you don’t want to do this, I have a template for the middle sized basket (about 20 cm in diameter) which you can download here.

A 1 cm seam allowance is included.

You Will Need

- Cotton fabric for the outer and the lining

- Bias binding

- Sew in interfacing

Making the Templates

You can download a template here, or If you want to make your own, here’s how!

1. Draw a circle. This will be the bottom of the basket, so when choosing a round thing to draw round, consider how big you want the finished basket to be.

2. Measure across the circle. The best way to do this accurately is to fold it in half, then measure where you folded.

3. Now you need to work out the distance round the outside of the circle. You can either measure it or use pi. Pi is the magic number which you can use to multiply the diameter by, which will give you the distance round the outside edge of your circle. It’s 3.1 something, but there’ll be a button on your calculator (there’s probably a calculator on your phone if you don’t have one).

4. Draw out a rectangle as wide as the distance round your circle plus 2 cm, and as high as you want the basket to be. Depending on the size of the circle, you might need to cut 2 pieces and join them. If you do this, remember to add a couple of extra cm for the seam allowance. For my middle sized basket, I cut 2 rectangles 37 cm x 12 cm.

Cutting Out

Cut 1 circle from the outer, the lining and the interfacing.

Cut 1 side piece from the outer, lining and interfacing.

Depending on the size of the basket you are making, you might need to cut 2 or 3 pieces for the side and sew them together.

Sewing Up

1. If you need to join the side pieces, do that now.

2. Place the outer circle with the wrong side up, with the interfacing on top, and the lining on top of that, right way up. You will have a weird kind of sandwich with the outer and the lining both facing outwards and the interfacing in the middle.

3. Take the outer side piece and join it so that it makes a circle. Repeat for the lining and the interfacing. Press the seams open.

4. Pin the sides together in the same way as the circle so that the outer is on the outside, the lining is on the inside and the interfacing is between them. The right side of the lining needs to be facing into the circle and the right side of the outer facing outwards.

5. Pin the bottom edge of the side pieces to the circle pieces so that the lining sections are together. Sew the side to the bottom, then trim the seam. 

You might find that the side pieces turn out to be slightly longer than they need to be. The way to deal with this is to leave a bit of gap, then adjust the sides and resew the seams if necessary.

6. Fold one end of the bias binding over, then pin one edge to the bottom of the basket. Sew the bias binding in place. When you get back to where you started, cut the bias tape so that it overlaps by about a cm. Sew over the end where it overlaps.

7. Fold the bias binding over the seam. Top stitch the bias binding in place.

8. Attach the bias binding to the top edge of the side in the same way.

I made 3 baskets of different sizes from the 5 fat quarters, although I did have to get creative with the smallest basket!

Now I have pretty things to hide the clutter!