Winter means going to rugby matches and wearing a decent coat is a must hence McCalls 6657 using a wool plaid fabric from Minerva Crafts. I've paired this coat with my Minerva Jeans Vogue 8774.
Here's how this coat looked with no metal clasps but they arrived in the mail just this week!

Here's how this coat now looks with the metal clasps. Thank you dear postal service for such a quick delivery from Minerva. I'm still toying with the clasp placement but they are a perfect match.

I'm still very much 'Game of Thrones' influenced at the moment - hence the hardware closure.

This fabric kept grabbing my attention when I visited Minerva Crafts in June. It's got the colours I wear but plaid/checks. I've never used this type of plaid before - until now. It's lovely in real life.

McCalls 6657 is made for large checks and plaids so I took a chance and made View C with no test version. I know - daring right?

McCalls gives you the dimensions on the pattern piece for bust, waist and hips. I made Extra small at the bust and waist and used Small for the hips.

The adjustments:

Side seam pocket view with double belt loops

  • Roll shoulder adjustment
  • Raised the pocket by 2.5cm
  • Decreased the pocket bag depth by 2cm
  • Eliminated the centre back seam to cater for fabric lines
  • Added facing trim and coat hook trim
  • Added double belt loops on the side seams to keep the belt secure
  • Added lining
  • All the tech notes are here. I'm still in awe as the lines follow across the back and collar.

    McCalls 6657 is an unlined jacket so you only need to purchase the items in my materials list (and some lining fabric) from Minerva Crafts. This pattern has been in my pattern stash for ages, staring at me.

    While trawling through the fabrics at Minerva in June, I didn't have any pattern in mind when I ordered this fabric so I took a punt to get the fabric, lining and clasps.

    We worked out that I'd need my coat length, sleeve length and 30cm for a collar and pockets. I had just enough to get every piece I needed.

    The metal clasps are hand sewn on. I've been resewing them a few times so the fit is right without the closure looking tight or falling open because they're too close.

    I'm so excited because this coat worked first time! #cheesygrin

    I think I'm ready to wear a few more layers underneath this coat when head off to the rugby. We have a weekend in the 'Outback' soon so this coat is going to be worn a lot this winter.

    Thank you again Minerva Crafts for having such lovely fabrics and notions.