Hi Minerva readers!

I have a new obsession with all gathers and ruffles, so am here today to share a lovely double gauze dress I made using the Robe Renee pattern.  

I have read a lot about Double Gauze Fabric, and had been told it was difficult to make into garments because of the loose weave. Despite this I really wanted to make a shorter summery dress out of this Floral Print Fabric when I saw the print. I couldn’t resist. So here are the adventures of sewing with double gauze (hint, it’s really not hard at all…and really comfortable to wear in hot weather!).

I ordered the paper pattern for this dress, which comes without seam allowances. My first task therefore was to trace the pattern and add these allowances. Once this was done and my fabric was washed and dried I was ready to go. Having had such success with the Republique du Chiffon Suzon blouse pattern I took the chance at cutting directly into my fabric without making a toile. My gamble paid off as this pattern has a lot more ease than the blouse.

The fabric was really easy to cut and sew together. I would recommend overlocking or zig zag stitching over the seam allowances as the double gauze layers have a bit of a tendency to fray if you don’t. I fully lined my bodice in some ivory scraps from another project and then overlocked the waist of the skirt to the bodice (treating the bodice lining and shell as one piece from this stage on).

The pattern also calls for buttons to fasten the back bodice. I found that there was enough room in the dress to pull it over my head without the buttons. This didn’t stop me adding buttons though! I think they give the dress a really nice finish so I made my own fabric-covered buttons using double gauze scraps and sewed them directly through both bodice layers. This also sneakily saved sewing buttonholes onto my double gauze, which I think would have been an interesting challenge!

The finished dress is so breezy and comfortable, and I love the look of the ruffles and fabric-covered buttons up the back. I also love how clean the finish fully lined bodice produced. 

I’m wearing the dress in this photos with an Esme Maxi cardigan I made using a cotton jersey also from Minerva.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to the Minerva team for all the supplies to make this project happen.

Until next time!