Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well and loving this crisp autumn weather. 
Talking of weather, it’s that time of year where we can make all those cosy pieces of clothing we’ve been craving. I personally love the chillier months. And as it gets colder by the day, the one item you need in your wardrobe is a winter coat. 
Well, let me tell you how excited I was about making my first ever winter coat! Yes, I’ve never made one before. But I knew exactly what I wanted; a casual, loose fitting, throw-on coat that still looked stylish. 
The pattern of choice was the Sapporo Coat by New Zealand pattern house, Papercut Patterns. Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous. You can make this Japanese shaped coat in any woven fabric, so yes I think a thinner, metallic one is next on the cards. 
When it came to choosing the fabric I was spoilt for choice. I wanted a thick, cosy fabric with some texture to it. In the end I chose this textured weave wool Coat Weight Fabric in baby pink. It’s perfect. I love the colour, the texture and the weight.
The lining I chose was this honeycomb weave Suiting Fabric, which was great value for money and great quality. 
As you can see from the pictures it wasn’t the exact same pink, but I thought it was still a nice colour against it. You could always go for a fun contrasting lining - now I wish I went for a yellow or grey!!
The shape of the coat is what drew me to it. The large cut off sleeves, the diagonal seams with hidden pockets and the oversized look. I just absolutely love this coat style. 
The fit of it is meant to be loose. I did find however that my size with their pattern measurements was an XXS which means I cut out the dual size XXS/XS. It does come up a little larger than the look on the model, but I am quite short as well as petite. When I make another I may make it a little smaller, and shorten the length slightly. 
For a cosy, warm, throw-on coat that I wanted, it fits the bill. I hope you agree its a great mix of cosy casual and stylish? I love wearing it out and have had lovely comments about it already, which is always a nice feeling. 
Really hope you like what I’ve made and I look forward to seeing all your versions too! I’m looking forward to my next post, little clue- it’s Christmas party ready! 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x