Hi Everyone, 
This month’s post is a very simple one, but a great budget make! I made a super simple bias cut skirt from just 1 metre of fabric! Self drafted and quick to make. 
I’ve noticed there’s been a lot more Bias cut midi skirts floating about on Instagram and Pinterest, and I thought I’d have a go. I love the simplicity of them, yet they always look so chic. I drew out my pattern on a piece of dressmakers paper, making the waist measurement just slightly bigger than my hips, as I knew I wanted to draw it in with elastic. I didn’t want to have to add a zip. The pattern concept is basically a quarter circle skirt. I then marked my grainline, then used a quilting ruler to draw a 45’ degree line for the bias. 
I used my piece to cut out a front and back skirt, I had to position them carefully to get them both out of the 1 metre as well as keeping them on the bias. I cut them out with a rotary cutter, stitched side seams and added an elastic waistband. Once it dropped, I hemmed the slightly curved bottom edge. 

The fabric I chose was this gorgeous Washed Satin Fabric. I got the ‘Rust’ colour as I thought it was so different. I love jewel colours in this satin range. It’s super floaty, light, with good drape and just works for this style. My advice, like with any bias cut skirt or dress, let it hang overnight before you hem it.
Obviously I can’t give much advice on the sizing as this was self drafted, but I was so happy to get a skirt out of just 1 metre of fabric. I do know however, this is only because of certain measurements on my body working with that amount of material, but it was a great sewing exercise. I also love wearing this skirt with a casual t-shirt. It’s been so easy to wear around the house during isolation. And I always wear sparkly socks with it haha. 
So my summary; if you want a beautiful fabric to make something really gorgeous and expensive looking, I highly recommend this satin. I think an Ogden Cami in it would be gorgeous too.  
I hope you like what I made this month.
Keep well, keep safe and keep sewing. Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk