Here is a project that started with the fabric. This Lady McElroy scuba fabric has a theatricality to it that reminds me of D&G dresses. The elaborately decorated print is energetic - patterned with the orange and black sunray stripe. The sunrays remind me of the approach of dawn - a new day, a new year, a new decade. The galloping horses and the storks about to set off in flight also add to the energetic, optimistic, zesty feel of the print. With the finished garment - when I twirl in it - its a sight to behold. It is like a zoetrope and really quite magical. 

I am huge fan of scuba fabrics because they are so low maintenance. My scuba garments get a lot more wear because they wash and tumble dry. They are ready to wear without need for ironing. Scuba also doesn’t stain easily – being a mum of 5 young kids – I need this quality. 

The skirt turned out beautifully! I love the swishing hem and the incredibly fitted waist. Speaking of waist, I made a few changes to this pattern.

#1. I Removed the back zipper. The design calls for an exposed zip at the center back. I chose to remove it and sew up the seam instead. Since the fabric is scuba which has inherent stretch in it. It was a bit of an experiment - I my rationale was that when you combine the stretch of the the scuba and the elastic then it can be a pull on skirt. My experiment worked! It looks fabulous even if I do say so myself.

The above point means that the waist band was changed as a result. Its a comfortable waist now and I will be adding this treatment to any of my future V1486 makes (I am not done with this pattern yet).

#2. I removed the side seam pockets. In the past when I sewed this pattern in scuba and inserted side seam pockets - the pockets got gapey with use. This was frustrating for me - so I decided to make patch pockets instead. They work a treat and definitely do not gape. I made a sewing tutorial on my Youtube channel on how to make the patch pockets.

And that's it those are the only changes I made to this skirt. I love this style very much. This is my 5th one now! I love sewing this in scuba as well because it has the structure to hold the fullness that the lower box pleats give the skirt. 

I paired it with a black top and black boots for a chic look. I felt polished in this outfit. This is one of those instances where the fabric + pattern = perfect combo!

Vogue V1486 is a designer pattern skirt has lined waistband, side pockets, and pleated lower front and back. The lower skirt is cut on the crosswise grain as it is a large pattern piece. Consequently, if you want to pattern match across your seams you would need more fabric. I didn't pattern match across seams - only on the patch pockets.

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