You ever have the project that just does not want to happen? That was this dress. We all have those off days when everything seems to go wrong and you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. That was my day and I’m glad wine exists.
First, let’s talk about the pattern. This is the Zephyr Dress from Deer and Doe. It’s described as a sleeveless knit skater dress with princess seams.
There are 3 different views: view A has a crew neck, view B has a V neck and view C has a crop top and skirt set. I made view C.
The instructions come in both English and French. They are very simple and have great illustrations. My measurements were 36-32-40 so I made a size 40 graded to 44 at the waist and hips (the hips don’t really matter since it’s not a fitted skirt). The fit is spot on and I’m very happy with that. I will say that the range is sort of small, sizes 34-46. I’m assuming that French people are more petite or maybe I’m an amazon? Just keep that in mind if you’re on the larger size. I’m guessing they are petite though because I really should have added at least 1? to the bodice. I took the neckline down 1/2? and added pockets in the side seams.
Onto the Fabric. I picked scuba because it’s very easy to sew with and the thickness hides any trouble areas. The fabric I choose has a pattern in it, so I had to line things up here and there but it wasn’t a hassle. I’m really excited with how it came out. There are so many colors in the design that you can use any color thread. What’s funny is that I just got a brand new serger and it came prethreaded with yellow, red, blue and green threads (to show the different loopers) but I went ahead and used that because threading a serger is a nightmare. Anyways, it worked out perfect because of all the fun colors in the fabric. YAY!
Now, my issues. Everything was going great until time to sew the last few parts. I was using said new serger and didn’t see a pin still in the fabric…yep, broke a needle, a brand new one, ugh! I had to read the instructions and luckily it came with extra needles. I fixed that and then ran out of the green thread. I then had to learn how to thread the new serger. After that I realized I put in black thread and it wouldn’t look as good. So I rethreaded my old serger with white and used that. Then the tensions were off (I swear the cat rubs on those dials until he moves them). While doing the armhole I realized that during the serger needle breaking event it ate up a bunch of my armband. I noticed this too late and serged too much. After all of that I went to the coverstitch and changed out the thread – because at this point, what is 3 more spools and threading another machine?! Then the thread kept breaking over and over. I saw it was getting caught in a slit on the top of the thread spool. So finally I gave up. It’s not all topstitched but oh well. I decided to have a glass of wine (only one, because of course I ran out of wine and it’s snowing too much to get more). So here ya go! Here is my crop top and skirt after all of that. And yes, I said it’s snowing and I made a freaking crop top and skirt! Summer dreaming…