Hi everyone and happy new year! If you're a first time reader to these posts at Minerva, my name is Claire and I am the owner and editor of Hearthandmade UK I hope you had a wonderful festive season. As my project was a January craft I became quite obsessed with glitter and sparkly things and decided to cover some of my Ikea hangers with sequin glitter!

It's important to use the elasticated sequin trim to get it evenly wrapped around the hangers curves

Plug in your  and add a dab of hot glue to the base of your hangers hook. I placed the end of the sequin trim and wrapped it around the base of the hook and then began to wrap around the curves of the hanger's top, adding some dabs of glue every so often. Because I have used elastic, the sequins tend to overlap and entwine quite nicely.

Once I had got to the end of my hanger's top, I added one final piece of glue and cut my trim. I ended up using three long lengths of the sequin trim and again because of the elastic and the way the sequins overlap it wasn't obvious that I had used three separate pieces of trim. The edges of the hanger were quite tricky so I used small offcuts, maybe an inch in length to wrap around the ends once I had finished.

This is a very easy craft to do and I hope you love it as much as I do! I had to hang all of my lovely festive dresses on them in 2013 ^_^