Hello all! Today I have something to share with you that is without a doubt the sparkliest thing I have ever made. Sequins have never really called out to me until I saw this beautiful Sequin Fabric at Minerva Crafts and I thought it was high time that I tried out a new to me fabric.
As ever, time was at a premium so I wanted to make something super simple, but with a big impact. Enter, the cropped tee. I drafted this very roughly using some existing tops of mine, some sheets of A4 paper masking taped together and a sharpie. Amazingly it fit exactly how I wanted it to.
When cutting out the fabric I used some old fabric scissors because sequins have a tendency to blunt the blades. My machine sewed through the sequins fine, but if I’d had more time I would have preferred to unpick the sequins in the seam allowance and on the stitching line. I did go back and unpick the sequins in the seam allowance later to minimize scratching against the skin.
I finished the neckline with a strip of the plain mesh at the side of the fabric that didn’t have any sequins on and used that as a binding. The sleeve and body hems I left raw because the mesh doesn’t fray and is sheer, so you would see any attempt at a hem.
I love this top very very much, and although it was relatively quick and simple to make it is everything that I wanted it to be. I think as a top it’s much more wearable than a full on sequin dress would be and I’m very much looking forward to wearing it out again and again over the next couple of festive months.

Thanks so much for reading and to Minerva Crafts for supplying the all of the components for this make!

Lauren xx